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All Out for Victory

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All Out for Victory

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A 1943 promotional/propaganda film produced by the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company showing their factories converted for wartime use.


Contributions of handicapped and disabled workers to World War II industrial production.
"We know that victory is won only through the sweat of workers and the blood of soldiers. Out there, there isn't one unimportant soldier, back here there isn't a single unimportant worker."
Another film about the critical importance of wartime production brought home through stories of individual workers. Refitting of Firestone plants for wartime production. Manufacturing of truck tires, tank tracks, machine gun ammunition, gasoline tanks; anti-aircraft guns; barrage balloons; life vests; Many workers have family members in the military. The point is made many times that these workers have a special reason to work well and efficiently. "Industry started out to make it possible for these physically handicapped people to help themselves not it ends up that these handicapped people are helping their country."
Equipment is shown on the factory floor and then cut to the same equipment in use. Like the tire which appears to roll off the production line on to a truck on the battlefield. Women plant workers; Workers going to plant in great streams. Parachuting flyers. UNUSUAL MATERIAL: Workers with physical disabilities shown in production lines. Blind, deaf, lame and one-armed workers shown. Two workers are shown communicating in sign language. Military inspector fires a machine gun at a airplane gasoline tank. The tank reseals itself, neither exploding or leaking.
This film is available courtesy of the Prelinger Archives (public domain).
Download All Out for Victory from The Internet Archive - 550MB - 20:16

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