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All World Racing


All World Racing
Card Set

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1991 Card List
1992 Card List
Sets of cards produced by AW Sports in 1991 and 1992.

1991 Card List

Type & Item #NameDetails
Collector Card - 1Al Unser, Jr.Valvoline
Collector Card - 5Mario AndrettiK-Mart/Texaco Havoline
Collector Card - 9Bobby RahalKraco
Collector Card - 13CHECKLIST IMichael Andretti K-Mart/Texaco Havoline #3
Collector Card - 25Michael AndrettiK-Mart/Texaco Havoline #3
Collector Card - 33Racing Relatives - The Andrettis John and MichaelSkoal/Kraco
Collector Card - 45'90 Michigan 500 Race Winner Al Unser, Jr.Valvoline
Collector Card - 57John JonesLabatt's
Collector Card - 66'89 Michigan 500 Winner Michael AndrettiK-Mart/Havoline #3
Collector Card - 70In Memory of Al HolbertCRC
Collector Card - 75Racing Teammates Bobby Rahal - Al Unser, Jr.Kraco/Valvoline
Collector Card - 961984 P.P.G. Champion Mario AndrettiK-Mart/Texaco Havoline
Collector Card - 97>1986 & 1987 P.P.G. Champion Bobby RahalBudweiser
Collector Card - 1001990 P.P.G. Champion Al Unser, Jr.Valvoline

NumberNameSpecialCar #Sponsor
2In Memory of Bill Vukovich, IIIIn Memory ofHemelgarn Racing
3Tero Palmroth
4John Andretti41Fosters
6Tony Bettenhausen16AMAX
7Tom SnevaRCA
8Willy T. Ribbs25Raynor
10Danny Sullivan7Marlboro
11Buddy Lazier71Hemelgarn
12Stan Fox
14Dean Hall
15Arie Luyendyk30Domino's
16Eddie Cheever15Target
17Scott GoodyearMackenzie
18Jon Beekhuis31
19Jeff Wood44
20Emerson Fittipaldi1Marlboro
21Pancho Carter, Father Duane, Sr., and sons Dane and Cole29Hardee's
22Mike GroffFendi
23Rocky Moran
24Roberto Guerrero20Miller Genuine Draft
26Didier Theys9STP
27Geoff BrabhamMac Tools
28Randy Lewis12AMP
29Michael Greenfield42
30Rick Mears2Pennzoil
31Gary BettenhausenGlidden
32Raul Boesel8Budweiser
34Dominic DobsonTexaco Havoline
35Al Unser40Miller High Life
36Kevin Cogan
37Wally Dallenbach, Jr.29
38Jim Crawford15Mac Tools
39Scott BraytonAmway
40Hiro Matsushita10Panasonic
41Jeff Andretti27Amoco
42'90 P.P.G. Indy Driver Standings22Amway
43'90 Indy Qualifying Record Holder Emerson FittipaldiMarlboro
44'90 Indy 500 Race Winner Arie Luyendyk30Domino's
46'90 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Eddie Cheever15Target
47Guido Dacco66
48Racing Brothers The Bettenhausens Tony Gary
49Steve ChasseyKasle Recycling
50Derek Daly10Raynor
51Scott Pruett3Budweiser
52Phil Krueger
53Bernard Jourdain69Corona Light
54Johnny RutherfordConseco
55Ludwig Heimrath, Jr.91Mackenzie
56Scott Atchison55Otter-Pops
57John JonesLabatt's
58Scott Harrington44Holloway
59Davy JonesUNO Companys
60Steve Saleen59Montgomery Ward AutoExpress
61Gordon Johncock91STP
62Dale Coyne
63Bill Vukovich, III Third Generation Driver
64'89 Co-Rookies of the Year Bernard Jourdain and Scott Pruett
65'89 Indianapolis 500 Winner Emerson FittipaldiMarlboro
67'89 Pocono 500 Winner Danny Sullivan1Miller High Life
68In Memory of Jim Hurtubise
69In Memory of Sheldon Kinser
70In Memory of Al HolbertCRC
71All Time Great - Sam HanksAll Time Great
72All Time Great - Duane Carter, Sr.All Time Great
73All Time Great - Tony Bettenhausen, Sr.All Time Great
74'90 Marlboro Challenge Winner Rick Mears2Pennzoil
76Checklist IIFoster's
77'90 Phoenix RaceFoster's
78'90 Long Beach Race15, 18Target, Kraco
79'90 Indy 500 Mile Race1, 2, 30Marlboro, Pennzoil, Domino's
80'90 Milwaukee Race3K-Mart/Texaco Havoline
81'90 Detroit Race7Marlboro
82'90 Portland Race18Kraco
83'90 Cleveland Race18Kraco
84'90 Meadowlands RaceTexaco Havoline
85'90 Toronto Race9Tuneup Masters
86'90 Michigan 500 Mile Race19, 14Insight, Copenhagen
87'90 Denver Race25
88'90 Vancouver Race19Insight
89'90 Mid Ohio Race5Valvoline
90'90 Elkhart Lake Race12AMP
91'90 Nazareth Race
92'90 Laguna Seca Race20Miller Genuine Draft
931980 P.P.G. Champion Johnny RutherfordPennzoil
941981 & 1982 P.P.G. Champion Rick MearsPennzoil
951983 & 1985 P.P.G. Champion Al UnserCummins
961984 P.P.G. Champion Mario AndrettiK-Mart/Texaco Havoline
981988 P.P.G. Champion Danny SullivanMiller
991989 P.P.G. Champion Emerson Fittipaldi20Marlboro

1992 Card List

NumberNameSpecialCar #SponsorNotes
1Michael Andretti2K-Mart/Havoline
2Mike Groff50Fendi
3Dean HallSTP
4Gary BettenhausenGlidden
5Willy T. Ribbs17
6Scott Pruett19Budweiser
7Scott Goodyear15Mackenzie
8Bobby Rahal18Kraco
9Eddie Cheever8Scotch/Target
10Phil Krueger
11Arie LuyendykRCA
12Michael Greenfield
13Checklist 1
14Stan Fox91Bryant
15John Andretti4Pennzoil
16Guido Dacco33Sega
17Kevin Cogan9Glidden
18Danny Sullivan20Miller Genuine Draft
19Mark Dismore12MacPherson
20Emerson Fittipaldi5Marlboro
21Al Unser, Jr.1Valvoline
22Didier Theys21
23Geoff Brabham21Mac Tools
24Buddy Lazier19
25Mario AndrettiK-Mart/Havoline
26Dale Coyne
27Roberto Guerrero40Sharp's
28Dominic Dobson66
29Johnny Parsons, Jr.
30Al UnserHertz
31Tony Bettenhausen16Amax
32Scott Brayton22Amway
33Gordon Johncock92Jack's Tool Rental
34Tero Palmroth
35Dennis Vitolo39Carlo
36Bernard Jourdain14Copenhagen
37Hiro Matsushita
38Ted Prappas31P.I.G.
39Jeff Wood50Fendi
40Jeff AndrettiTexaco Havoline
41Rick Mears3Marlboro
42Pancho Carter21
43Jim CrawfordQuaker State
44Randy Lewis90AMP
45Buddy Lazier192nd Generation Driver
46Michael Andretti2K-Mart/HavolineMarlboro Challenge Winner
47Jeff AndrettiTexaco HavolineAW Award Winner
48John Andretti4Pennzoil1st Time Winner
49The Andretti Family
50The Andretti Trifecta
51Gen Norm SchwarzkopfPays a Visit
52Rich VioglerIn Memory Of
53Al LoquastoIn Memory Of
54Checklist 23Marlboro
55Rodger WardAll Time Great
56Louis MeyerAll Time Great
57Wally DallenbachAll Time Great
58Johnny ParsonsAll Time Great
59Troy RuttmanAll Time Great
60Parnelli JonesAll Time Great
61Eddie SachsAll Time Great
62Johnny BoydAll Time Great
63Lloyd RubyAll Time Great
64Bill Vukovich, Jr.All Time Great
65George SniderWhere Are They Now
66Gene HartleyWhere Are They Now
67Howdy HolmesWhere Are They Now
68Lee KunzmanWhere Are They Now
69Larry RiceWhere Are They Now
70Mario AndrettiCareer6K-Mart/Havoline
71Arie LuyendykCareer
72Gordon JohncockCareer92Jack's Tool Rental
73Scott GoodyearCareer15Mackenzie
74Pancho CarterCareer21
75Jim CrawfordCareerQuaker State
76John AndrettiCareer4Pennzoil
77Johnny RutherfordCareerVermont American
78Danny SullivanCareer20Miller Genuine Draft
79Michael AndrettiCareer2K-Mart/Havoline
80Emerson FittipaldiCareer5Marlboro
81Bobby RahalCareer18Kraco
82Steve ChasseyCareerKasle Recycling
83Checklist 39
84Al Unser, Jr.Career1Valvoline
85Roberto GuerreroCareer40Sharp's
86Eddie CheeverCareer8Scotch/Target
87Tom SnevaCareer59Glidden
88Scott PruettCareer19Budweiser
89Phil KruegerCareer
90Rick MearsCareer3Marlboro
91Al UnserCareerHertz
92Tony BettenhausenCareer16Amax
93Dominic DobsonCareer66
94Scott BraytonCareer22Amway
95Randy LewisCareer19AMP
96Geoff BrabhamCareer21Mac Tools
97Mike GroffCareerCopenhagen
98Gary BettenhausenCareerGlidden
99Dider TheysCareer21
100Kevin CoganCareer9Glidden

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