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Aftermarket Parts Seller

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Official Site: AmericanTrucks.com
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An online retailer of aftermarket parts for American pickup trucks. Part of Turn 5 and based in Paoli, Pennsylvania.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2020 press release.

AmericanTrucks is regarded as one of the best, most reliable online aftermarket retailers providing parts and accessories for F150, F250, Ranger, Silverado, Sierra, and RAM. Catering to the needs and demands of late-model truck owners and enthusiasts, AmericanTrucks provides the best parts with support from genuine truck experts. Located just outside of Philadelphia, AmericanTrucks is dedicated to offering the truck community with the highest quality of parts and customer service.

Article Index

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21 August 2019Truck Side Steps & Running Boards Explained + Giveaway! AmericanTrucks
28 August 2019Ford F-250 Parts Available from AmericanTrucks.com AmericanTrucks
5 September 2019Choosing the Right Air Intake for Your Ford F-150 AmericanTrucks
17 September 2019How To Pick Tonneau Covers For Your 2019 RAM 1500 (VIDEO) AmericanTrucks
25 September 2019What F-150 Front End Protection is Best for Your Truck? (VIDEO) AmericanTrucks
15 October 2019First 5 Mods for Your 2019 Chevrolet SilveradoAmericanTrucks
15 October 2019V-8 Supercharged RAM Rebel TRX CONFIRMED (VIDEO) AmericanTrucks
24 October 2019F-150 Oil Separators Tested and Explained AmericanTrucks
30 October 2019The Definitive Guide to F-150 EcoBoost Downpipes AmericanTrucks
6 November 2019SEMA 2019 Sneak Peek—Bronco Race Prototype AmericanTrucks
14 November 2019Top 3 Ford Trucks of SEMA 2019 AmericanTrucks
19 November 2019AXIAL $5,000 Truck Parts Giveaway AmericanTrucks
20 November 2019Auto Parts Retailer Awards College Scholarships for 2020Turn 5, Inc.
11 December 2019How to Add Ground Clearance to Your F-150 AmericanTrucks
26 December 2019First Five 2019 RAM 1500 Mods (VIDEO) | The Haul AmericanTrucks
14 January 2020Tuned F150 5.0L V8 vs Tuned Ecoboost (VIDEO) | The Haul AmericanTrucks
22 January 2020Charities Awarded for 2020 Positive Payload ProgramAmericanTrucks
23 January 2020How to Choose a Bed Cover for Your Chevy Silverado (VIDEO) AmericanTrucks
20 February 2020The Haul | How to Choose RAM 1500 Side Steps (VIDEO) AmericanTrucks
27 February 2020WIN $15,000 from Barricade Off-Road AmericanTrucks
27 May 2020E&G Center Console Lock Vault | Review & Install AmericanTrucks
23 June 2020AmericanTrucks Upgrades Exhaust Tech Guide AmericanTrucks
26 June 2020Win a $5000 Shopping Spree from Mammoth 4x4 AmericanTrucks
13 July 2020Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 Ford Bronco AmericanTrucks
28 September 2020How to Choose a Bumper | New Video AmericanTrucks
3 November 2020Top 5 EcoBoost Mods | “The Haul” Video AmericanTrucks
23 November 2020Turn5, Inc. Announces Spring 2021 Scholarship WinnersTurn 5, Inc.
2 December 2020New Customer Spotlight | Tuned 2015 EcoBoost F150 AmericanTrucks
14 December 2020AmericanTrucks Launches F150 Bedcover Sweeps AmericanTrucks
22 December 2020Wheel & Tire Fitment | Stock 2021 F150 AmericanTrucks
7 January 20212021 F150 | Top Five Carry-Over Parts AmericanTrucks
13 January 2021How to Shop for Armor | New Video AmericanTrucks
25 January 20212021 F150 vs 2019 RAM and 2019 Silverado AmericanTrucks
8 February 20212021 Ford F-150 Raptor | Truck News AmericanTrucks
24 February 2021HD Front Bumper | Review & Install AmericanTrucks
15 March 2021Top 5 Easiest Mods | 2015 - 2020 F150 AmericanTrucks
5 April 2021NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights | Review & Install AmericanTrucks
16 August 2021AmericanTrucks Wants to Show Off Your Wheels + Tires (Ford version)AmericanTrucks
16 August 2021AmericanTrucks Wants to Show Off Your Wheels + Tires (Chevrolet version)AmericanTrucks
16 August 2021AmericanTrucks Wants to Show Off Your Wheels + Tires (GMC version)AmericanTrucks
16 August 2021AmericanTrucks Wants to Show Off Your Wheels + Tires (Ram version)AmericanTrucks

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