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Anti-Icing Technology

American Government Video

Anti-Icing Technology

A series of Federal Highway Administration films.

This film is available courtesy of the FedFlix.

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What is Anti-Icing (VH-369, 1996)
Duration: 9:46
A brief introductory video for decision-makers, this tape emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of a strategic anti-icing program developed by the SHRP program. The goal of anti-icing is to prevent a strong bond between ice and pavement or bridge decks by spreading an ice-control chemical on the road before a bond can form, as opposed to de-icing. An array of new anti- icing technologies are shown: road weather information systems, site-specific roadway temperature forecasting, and new spreaders. SHRP study participants from various states comment on the effectiveness and cost-savings of the program.
Download What is Anti-Icing from The Internet Archive
Anti-Icing for Maintenance Personnel (VH-370, 1996)
Duration: 12:46
Anti-Icing is defined as a systematic approach to winter highway maintenance, using material, equipment, strategy and trained personnel to prevent or reduce the ice-pavement bond. This video gives a quick introduction to these tools, describing the action of sodium chloride in lowering freezing temperature, the importance of proper timing of chemical applications, selection of chemicals, calibration of spreaders, and application rate. Plowing, road weather information systems, and the importance of personnel training are also discussed. Viewers are referred to FHWA's Manual of Practice for an Anti-Icing Program: A guide for the Maintenance Manger, the Salt Institute's Snowfighter's Handbook, and SHRP's 2-volume report Road Weather Information Systems for more specific information.
Download Anti-Icing for Maintenance Personnel from The Internet Archive

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