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AutoClaims Direct

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

AutoClaims Direct
Appraisal Company

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Official Site: autoclaimsdirect.com

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A producer of claims processing software based in Carlsbad, California, USA.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2016 press release.

AutoClaims Direct is a business service and auto appraisal firm that provides the insurance industry with a complete claims management service and auto appraisal company. AutoClaims Direct's clients are insurance companies, fleet management companies and third party administrators. AutoClaims Direct's revolutionary "DirectLink/AutoClaims Tracker" application streamlines the claims handling process, rapidly reducing cycle times and average loss paid. The corporation handles auto appraisals, desk audits and lease returns.

Article Index

19 December 2004AutoClaims Direct Caps Outstanding YearAutoClaims Direct Inc.
24 December 2004Auto Damage Appraisal Affiliates Open Huge San Diego and Prescott Coverage AreasAutoClaims Direct Inc.
15 January 2005AutoClaims Direct Opens Coverage in 19th StateAutoClaims Direct Inc.
21 February 2005AutoClaims Direct Auto Appraisals Adds Four New Managers.AutoClaims Direct Inc.
16 March 2005Nationwide Auto Damage Appraisal Firm Announces New Direct Inspect programAutoClaims Direct Inc.
17 May 2005AutoClaims Direct Releases New Appraisal Auditing ToolAutoClaims Direct Inc.
4 January 2006AutoClaims Direct Appraisals Kicks Off 2006AutoClaims Direct
9 June 2016ACD Launches DRP Plus™ - A Collision Repair Management Solution Within AutoLink®AutoClaims Direct Inc.
1 September 2016ACD‘s AUTOLINK® Now Featuring Premium ReportingAutoClaims Direct Inc.
31 October 2016Anchor General Insurance Company Selects ACD for AutoLink® Claims Workflow SolutionAutoClaims Direct Inc.
2 November 2016Brian Bray Wins W3 Award for Production of Branded Video ContentAutoClaims Direct Inc.
6 February 2017ACD’s AutoLink® Adds Predictive Scoring Solution™ To Pinpoint Total LossesAutoClaims Direct Inc.
15 February 2017ACD Opening New Corporate Headquarters in CarlsbadAutoClaims Direct Inc.
24 August 2017ACD Reduces Supplement Cycle Times With Video SolutionAutoClaims Direct Inc.

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