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Theriault Strolls To 26th In Iowa

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Michelle Theriault, Featherlite Coaches 200

Theriault Strolls To 26th In Iowa

Chris Knight
Spraker Racing Enterprises
May 23, 2007

NBES Rookies Finishes Both Races; Seventh In Points

NEWTON, Iowa (May 23, 2007) - NASCAR Busch East Series Rookie Michelle Theriault steered towards Iowa Speedway this past weekend looking for three straight top-10 finishes. Unfortunately, her battle came up a little short with a 26th place finish in her NASCAR Iowa debut Sunday.

Aboard Jeff Spraker?s GLOCK, Inc. Chevrolet Monte Carlo motored by Wegner Automotive, Theriault continued to show her quick adaptation to the NBES by picking up her practice times significantly from Saturday (34th at 24.905 seconds or 126.481 MPH) to Sunday (27th at 24.201 seconds equaling a speed of 130.160 MPH) to give the team some optimism heading into qualifying.

In time trials, Theriault picked up the pace once again with a time of 24.157 seconds at 130.397 MPH netting her 20th on the starting grid.

?First, I want to thank Jeff Spraker, my sponsor, GLOCK, Inc. and my team for all their support during this stretch of two consecutive races in two days. I have some experience at Iowa , but it?s proving that doesn?t mean everything will be the same in another series. We picked up a lot from practice to qualifying. We adjusted and kept adjusting and we found something that put us comfortably into the race.?

Although it was never a factor for the win during the Featherlite Coaches 200, it didn?t matter as Theriault continued to adapt and learn in the NASCAR Busch East Series. She familiarized herself with the handling characteristics of a racecar in extreme race trim including the differences with the changing track and weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the rookie driver didn?t have a completely clean race as she was involved in two skirmishes during the race. Despite the contact, Theriault finished the event 26th, three laps down from race winner Joey Lagano.

?We really would have liked to finish better than we did,? she said following the event. ?I hate that we weren?t a factor today, but sometimes in racing that?s the way it goes.?

She added, ?Overall it wasn?t a bad weekend. I wished Iowa would have went a little smoother, but one finish in the top-10 out of two isn?t bad. My team did a great job all weekend. I am really proud of them. I couldn?t ask to be associated with a better team than Spraker Racing.?

Despite her finish on Sunday, Theriault maintained seventh in the championship standings 77 markers behind the lead held by Joey Lagano and only 16 points from fifth place. She sits fourth in the NBES Rookie-of-the-Year standings just six points from leader Rogelio Lopez.

Next up for the NBES is the fourth installment of the 2007 schedule from South Boston Speedway set for June 2.

For more on Michelle Theriault, please visit MichelleTheriault.com

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PHONE: 239.834.9797
EMAIL: Knight849@aol.com

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