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All About The 1995 Ford Explorer

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All About The 1995 Ford Explorer

Robert Bell
March 10, 2009

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Ford Explorer was a must, and Ford took the opportunity with both hands when it redesigned the car for the 1995 model year. The original had been a very simple, squared off design, but the new version offered a more rounded look, albeit one that appeared more rugged and bigger than the original.

Furthermore, the range was defined into two distinct models, with the two door now known as Explorer Sport, and the four door as Explorer. In addition to the standard 4.0 liter V6 came a new engine, a mighty 5.0 liter V8 that gave a hefty 210bhp. With trim levels up to the Limited version, a luxury motor car by any standards, the Explorer now stood side by side with any rival in terms of versatility.

The Explorer continued the trend in popularity for SUVs, giving both high performance from the 5.0 liter and impressive array of interior trim choices. Many enthusiasts lean towards the 5.0 liter as it shares many parts with the similar Mustang engine, and its performance can be substantially enhanced by the addition of a series of performance based after-market parts.

Ford racked up great sales figures with the second generation Explorer, and while the opposition tried hard to eat into the market it is so that this car remained the favored model by many SUV fans.

An interesting addition to the range was the Explorer Sport Trac, in 2001, which replaced the back half of the cabin with a pick up style platform, further adding to the variety available in the Explorer range. Ford knew their market very well by now, and also knew that the model would need updating on a regular basis. Thus came the third generation Ford Explorer, introduced for the 2002 model year.Love explorers? Learn more about the Ford Explorer and the latest Ford Explorer generation models. Or, you can buy Ford Explorer parts for your vehicle.

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