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Local Native Seeger Seeks Marketing Partner For Upcoming ARCA Event

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Art Seeger, Pocono 200

Local Native Seeger Seeks Marketing Partner For Upcoming ARCA Event

Chris Knight
May 25, 2007

“Seeger Hoping To Debut ’07 ARCA Season At Pocono; While Reignite Marketing Wave”

MT. POCONO, Pennsylvania ( May 25, 2007 ) - - Art Seeger is closing in on a year since he has climbed behind the wheel of a 3400-hundred pound racecar at Pocono Raceway. And he’s quickly starting to feel the itch again. However, the New Jersey native is missing one key element that would allow him to return to the ARCA RE/MAX Series (ARS) next month at Pocono Raceway, a marketing partner.

Seeger, a competitor in the ARS for nearly two decades feels that Pocono Raceway owes him one. Seeger attempted to make two starts at the tricky 2.5-mile Speedway but when another full-time competitor fell into trouble last June; it was Seeger who came to the team’s aid. After Hardcore Motorsports lost their primary car, Seeger along with teammate Mike Harmon agreed to help the organization by keeping driver Jason Hedlesky in the running for the championship.

Seeger withdrew his entry allowing Hardcore Motorsports and Hedlesky to utilize Seeger’s machine for the event. Hedlesky went on to score a top-20 finish on race day.

In July, Seeger aligned again with Mike Harmon Motorsports with support from Wayne Peterson Motorsports to drive the No. 0 Gutter Guardian.com Pontiac Grand Prix. Seeger struggled in qualifying after a mechanical issue arose, but made the event. In the first three green flag laps of the event, Seeger blasted around 14 cars before succumbing to a broken clutch early on crediting him with a disappointing 36th place finish.

“I feel like Pocono owes us one,” said Seeger. “We did the right thing in June and then some uncharacteristic problems took us from the hunt in July. I know it’s racing, but I really wanted to show my stuff at Pocono.”

No doubt that Seeger would also like to rectify his marketing partnership exposure from the event last season. In his first race with sponsor Gutter Guardian, Seeger spent three days including a 14-hour segment on Sunday signing autographs while mingling with the race fans of the surrounding area. Seeger was also able to generate over 700 hundred sales leads, more than three times the amount usually acquired during a homeowner expo weekend.

Seeger would like to rekindle that same type of marketing campaign for next month’s Pocono 200, but he also knows it will be a lot of work.

“I think I can say I made a difference,” Seeger offered. “I had a great marketing partner last year that wanted to interact with the fans. They wanted to find out what the fans wanted. I listened while they talked. I would like to realign myself with that type of corporation that wants to build a relationship with its consumers. It’s been proven that race fans typically support the series’ marketing partners. I want to prove that again.”

Competitive marketing opportunities are immediately available with Art Seeger Racing; interested parties are urged to contact Tony Lumbis at 570-239-3761

For more on Art Seeger, please visit ArtSeegerRacing.com



NAME: Chris Knight, Art Seeger Racing
PHONE: 239.834.9797
EMAIL: knight849@aol.com

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