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Defensive Driving Courses In Texas

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Defensive Driving Courses In Texas

Charlie Moore
April 26, 2007

Defensive driving involves an advanced knowledge of driving, vehicle control and road conditions. The overall goal is to help improve the safety of drivers and other road users around them.

The main problem is that although many road users want to improve their driving skills, they don't have the time or the money to take a defensive driving course at their local traffic school.

However, in Texas these driving courses form a secondary attraction - They allow drivers to discharge tickets for certain road traffic violations such as speeding at the rate of up to one per year.

There are a number of defensive driving schools in Texas, many of which are available online. These courses cater for a number of different purposes in addition to ticket dismissal. For example, many people want to get lower insurance premiums. Alternatively, some people take one of these courses because they want to become better drivers and increase their level of safety while on the road.

So with than in mind here are some of the leading providers of defensive driving courses in Texas and what they offer.

1) Online Defensive Driving

The driving school Interactive Online Defensive Driving is based in Texas and is specifically focused to help drivers in Texas improve their defensive skills. The online course, which is available 24/7 is divided into six different learning sections with a test at the end. Their computer system will work out your score and send you a certificate of your achievements.

2) Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is one of the leading online traffic schools. They offer a variety of courses leading to examinations on issues such as defensive driving, ticket dismissal, insurance reduction, and fleet driver safety.

3) Get Defensive

GetDefensive is another online driving school specifically tailored towards defensive driving in Texas. The site tracks your progress and offers feedback through a wide range of examples, statistics and videos. The course ends with an exam that puts all the training into practice.

4) The Department Of Motor Vehicles

The Department Of Motor Vehicles offers a complete guide to all the driving school in the United States. Just enter your location and the site will help you to find the right driving school for your circumstances. And in some states, DMV offer their own driver training programs.

5) A Sense Of Humor Driving

This program offers a wealth of information on all aspects of driving and safety, including; traffic safety, top accident causing traffic violations, driving habits, emotions, attitude, road traffic laws, emergencies, safety equipment, road rage, defensive driving strategies and substance abuse.

6) Web Traffic School

Just choose your location and the site will check to see that their program is accepted by your state. They offer online lessons and an interactive option that allows you to watch what could happen based on the driving choices that you make.

7) Texas Defensive Driving Online

This defensive driving course is divided into 12 sections that cover various aspects of road traffic safety. Each chapter ends with a selection of questions and the six hour course ends with a final exam, which can be retaken if necessary.

8) Traffic Interactive

Traffic Interactive offers fully interactive driver training courses in a variety of regions including California, Los Angeles, Texas, San Diego and Florida.

About the Author: For more information about defensive driving texas style, visit Charlie Moore's website at www.DefensiveDrivingGuide.com.

Source: www.isnare.com

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