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Seven Basic Guidelines for Installing Your Car Exhaust Kit

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Seven Basic Guidelines for Installing Your Car Exhaust Kit

Patricia Strasser
August 12, 2011

If you want to install your automobile exhaust kit, you have to specify which kind of exhaust system is suitable for your car, lift the vehicle, detach the old exhaust system and check the emissions control sensor, install a new catalytic converter, start connecting the exhaust tubing and the new muffler, connect the muffler's tube to the exhaust tubing, and turn on your car's engine.

Fitting a new exhaust system in your car does not just add an aesthetically eye-catching look to your automobile, but it also effectively emits your motor's exhaust. It is best to seek professional help for quick and correct installation of your car's exhaust system Sacramento; but, if you have the skills, it may be very easy for you to mount it yourself. Here are the steps for installing your auto exhaust kit:

Identify what type of exhaust kit works for your automobile

The first thing to do is to determine what type of exhaust system works for your automobile. Ensure that the kit you buy fits your automobile's engine and components. A number of exhaust kits can be installed around other components of the vehicle. Considering that vehicles differ, you will need to make the equipment suit the automobile or even adjust it as necessary.

Raise the car

You need to be able to see the entire picture of what is underneath the car in order to check, acquire and install the right exhaust system for the automobile. Considering that it's also impossible for you to attach and set all things together without doing so. You could elevate the vehicle by either using a jack or maybe a hydraulic lift. Ensure that the height makes the installation easier.

Disconnect the old exhaust kit and test the emissions control sensor

Disconnect your existing exhaust system part by part by working backwards. Begin detaching the tailpipe on the way to the catalytic converter. You can utilize some tools such as wrenches and bolt cutters or even a welding torch. Take care not to damage or break other gears and pieces of the car as you do the job. Moreover, you have to check out the vehicle's emissions control sensor to determine if it's still working properly.

Attach a new catalytic converter

If your new exhaust system includes a catalytic converter, install the new one and try out whether the connection suits with the automobile's exhaust system. It must be set and welded correctly at its specified place.

Start attaching the exhaust tubing to the new muffler

Attach the exhaust tubing from the catalytic converter to the muffler, making sure that it fits perfectly in place by adjusting it according the vehicle's dimensions. Additionally, you'll have to examine the new muffler to see if it is properly aligned with the exhaust system. If not, bolt or weld it in place.

Attach the muffler's pipe to the exhaust tube

Be sure you have correct alignment when linking the muffler's tubing to the exhaust tube. If the positioning is right, bolt or weld the component right into its space. Once the tube is properly secured, position and connect the exhaust pipe to the remaining kit and also the vehicle's rear bumper by bolting or welding it to your automobile.

Turn on your car's engine

When all things have been fixed, you're now ready to turn on the car engine and examine whether the recently fitted exhaust kit is performing as you expected. Look for leakages even while the trial run is being done.

When installing exhaust kits, be sure you execute it in a way that is legal as well as safe for the ecosystem. You must also follow the installation manual if you're planning to tackle the job on your own.

Written by Patricia Strasser. If you would like learn more about exhaust system Sacramento, head to http://www.marcomuffler.com/

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