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Eight Tactics When Finding Affordable Car Rental Rates

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Eight Tactics When Finding Affordable Car Rental Rates

Patricia Strasser
February 12, 2011

Checking the rates from several different car companies is another great way to save potential dollars. Airport car rentals can be costly and should be avoided, while travel reservation companies and cheap hotel car rental rates are other excellent ways to save cash.

It would be tiring and exhaustive to hire a car on rental for a business or pleasure tour. It may take hours or even days to look for the best car rental deal that fits your needs since all rental companies differ. Here are some tips you can use to help you find the best car rental deal and have a more relaxing trip:

Use more than one car rental company for reservations well ahead of time

You should prepare ahead of time, particularly when making reservations for car rentals, in order to make the vacation process easier. This will provide you with ample opportunity to look for outstanding deals. Reservations may be made at many car rental companies without any initial payments. Do not forget to cancel your other reservations when you find the best deal to avoid possible "no-show" fees.

One of the factors in choosing a card is what type of advantages come with card use

You can use points, from such things as privilege cards and reward programs, to obtain a discount at several companies and that includes some car rental companies. Inquire as to what you can get with these points because you may be eligible to save money or get a free car upgrade or other benefits.

Don't let unnecessary insurance fees influence you

As you book and pay for your reservation, companies will often offer you insurance that can be very costly. Don't let them talk you into anything. Check your own policy or contact your insurance provider to find out if your benefits include car rental insurance. If you're already covered, you should decline the rental company's insurance that they offer.

Check the fine print for other applicable fees

When booking your reservation for a rental car, you may not be aware that some companies charge fees. It is important to inquire about other fees and read the fine-print terms and conditions to be aware of this. For car facilities, you will have to pay taxes and other fees. It might be part of the deal that you should refuel the car when you return it; or else, there could be an expensive charge for fuel.

Check into whether you can get employee discounts

Some companies will give a discounted rental automobile rate to an employee or his family and friends as part of the benefit package for working there. Also find out if you have any friends or acquaintances working at car rental companies and ask them if you can use their discounts to save on your car rental.

Ask the hotel for good rental rates

Most hotels offer car rental as one of their services. After you have made your hotel reservation, be sure to inquire about car rentals. You may be surprised to find out that renting a car from your hotel can be cheaper, especially if you are a frequent guest or part of a certain rewards program. Hotel car rental services can be less hassle and more reliable. Aside from that, you will save a ton of money as well.

Avoid airport car rentals

Due to their convenience factor, renting a vehicle at an airport tends to cost more than elsewhere. Avoid using airport car rentals as much as you possibly can. You might find cheaper rates at another company or location, and you can ask them to have the car dropped off at the airport for your convenience.

Verify at various travel reservation websites, to ensure compare rates of car rental services

Finally, check out travel reservation websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak to find a good car rental deal. Visiting these websites will help you make a better, more informed decision by helping you to easily compare various car rental rates and services as well as read reviews from other customers.

Discovering car rental bargains allows you to save a little money or indulge a little more on other aspects of your vacation or business trip. Your trip can be hassle-free and more relaxing. It just might deliver the lack of stress you crave in a trip.

For a safe and happy trip, details on rental car insurance can be found at http://www.carhireinsider.com.au/car-hire-insurance/

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