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Not Your Daddy's Caddy

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Not Your Daddy's Caddy

Levi Quinn
October 20, 2011

The Cadillac Ciel Concept Car would fit perfectly against a romantic background ... or a scene of grandeur. This automobile lives up to the standard of luxury and convenience that the Cadillac brand is well known for. The name, which means "sky" in French, lends itself to the open-air automobile inspired by the joy of driving with the wind in your hair. The Ciel concept evokes the classic Cadillac heritage that is known throughout the world; the large, expressive luxury innate in this automotive brand. And with its elegance and spaciousness, there is no doubt that the Ciel concept can be one of the best luxury cars of the future.

Basic Specs

The Cadillac Ciel concept is a four- door open- air car that comfortably seats in four people. It has a long, low proportion which provides its classical features. It has French- style door with the rear doors hinged at the rear. An AWD wheel- drive type, the Ciel measures 203.7 inches in length, 77.5 inches wide, and 50.0 inches high.


The luxury of the Ciel's look is impressively complemented by the power of its engine. It uses a twin- turbocharged version of the 3.6 liter Direct Injection V-6 engine, coupled with a hybrid system using lithium- ion battery technology. The hybrid system itself makes the Ciel concept a car of the future—offering a better alternative power source for future consumers. Nonetheless, it offers impressive power and driving convenience that features smoother, lesser noise and environmental- friendly automotive experience.


On the outside, the Ciel concept is a marvel to see that will surely attract both the adventurist and the classy person in you. The French- style door is perfectly complemented by the distinguish fender lines that run from the nose of the car to its tail. It is accentuated by the nickel- plate bright work along the body lines that intensify the visual length of the automobile. This look is perfect for a California which was set as the inspiration when the Ciel concept was drafted,


Cadillac's prowess in car design and manufacturing can be reflected on the perfect combination of the exterior and interior features of the Ciel concept. The passenger space is highlighted with nickel- plated trim. Among the most notable materials that outlines the car's interior includes Italian Olive wood, machined aluminum and hand- tipped leather. This perfect combination of materials, color and design mirrors Cadillac's design and artistic supremacy.

No, this is definitely not your daddy's Caddy.

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