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Auto Trade News and Gossip

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Auto Trade News and Gossip

The New York Times
November 3, 1912

A. E. Schwartz announces that he has tendered his resignation as General Manager and Treasurer of the Bergdoll Motor Car Company of New York.  Mr. Schwartz has been directing the Metropolitan District affairs of the Bergdoll concern for the last year and a half.  His resignation takes effect Nov. 7.

O. F. Conlin for sixteen years Chief Engineer of the Robbins & Myers Company of Springfield, Ohio, has become associated with the Remy Electric Company of Anderson, Ind., in the capacity of consulting engineer, and will have charge of the design and construction of the Remy electrical starting device for application to automobile engines.

Annoucement was made last week that W. C. Durant, Vice President of the Republic Motor Company, has appointed Ted Johnston as General Sales Manager, with headquarters at Detroit.  He will have entire charge of sales for the Chevrolet Motor Company and Little Motor Car Company, and for all of the subsidiary companies of the Republic Motor Company.

With the entry of at least one and possibly two Pathfinder 40 motor cars in the 1913 tour of Indiana automobile manufacturers to the Pacific Coast, a bigger human interest is attached to the annual trade boosting expedition of Hoosier builders.  The Pathfinder 40 is the car that was selected by the United States Government and the A. A. A. in their joint survey of three transcontinental touring routes this season for the extension of transcontinental travel.

Ray Harroun, formerly one of the most noted race drivers in the country, winner of the first 500-mile international sweepstakes race, is now a member of the engineering staff of the Nordyke & Marmon Company.

With the appointment of H. C. Bradfield as Chairman of the Press Committee, the working organization of the Indianapolis Speedway for the next big contest, May 30-31, has been made complete.

Victor W. Kliesrath, Chief Engineer of the Bosch Magneto Company, New York, will sail for Europe on the Kronprinzessin Cecilie, Nov. 7.  He will make the rounds of automobile factories, and incidentally visit both the London and Paris shows.

Fred A. Harris has been appointed Assistant General Manager of the Hupp Motor Car Company, Detroit.

George W. Bennett, Vice President of the Willys-Overland Company, has made formal denial of the report that he is to take charge of the affairs of the United States Motor Company.  While Mr. Bennett's was one of the first names mentioned, he refused to even entertain negotiations looking to such a change, preferring to remain with the interests which have felt the effects of his best efforts.

Through the purchase of the Atlas Engine Works by the Lyons-Atlas Company at Indianapolis last week, the Knight sleeve-valve engine receives another impetus from a production standpoint.  The new company, which has been incorporated with a capital stock of $500,000, all paid in, will take possession of the plant at once and will begin the manufacture of Knight engines for the trade.

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