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Sports/Touring Car Racing Topics:  Dunlop Townsville 400, Shane van Gisbergen


Alex Davison/Stone Brothers Racing
July 4, 2009

On day one we put a big dent in the trip, travelling 695kms. We left the SBR workshop on Friday morning at 6:00am and I drove the Winnebago from Yatala to Gladstone. The trip got off to a great start when I missed the airport turnoff and we were forced to head through Brisbane city, luckily just early enough to miss all the traffic. We picked up our team photographer, Scotty and hit the road for about 6 hours.

It didn’t take long to notice that when you pass fellow motor homers, they wave to you, so needless to say it was a friendly drive to Gladstone.

We arrived at Reef City Ford in Gladstone at 1:30, Jim, the SBR truck driver was parked up unloading the IRWIN car. It’s always good when people get the chance to see the cars up close as it doesn’t happen often. Shane and I get asked heaps of questions about the cars and it’s good to give fans an insight into what really goes on inside the FG Falcons.

After packing up we headed to Rockhampton with Shane behind the wheel. I got a chance to sit up the back with the others and quickly realised it was a much smoother ride in the driver’s seat!

There was a good turnout when we arrived at a ‘Man’s Toy Shop’ in Rocky, once again the IRWIN car made for a good talking point for the locals.

After we had finished all our official duties for the day we headed to the Great Western Hotel where we ate dinner and watched bull riding. Shane was talking up he wanted to have a go but once it all started he was pretty quick to say he was only joking!

We checked into the hotel afterwards, Chris and I stayed in the Winnebago outside.

Tomorrow is another early start, we are leaving town at 6:00am to head to Sarina for a sugar mill visit. I’m pretty interested in seeing how big operations work so it should be a good day.

To read Shane van Gisbergen’s daily diary visit www.autofocusstore.com.au

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