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Wayne - back in action

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McHenry County, Illinois Topics:  Viking Dodge

Wayne - back in action

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
June 5, 2009

Wayne Beto and Kia Soul

If there is one guy in McHenry County you don't want to get on your bad side, it's Wayne Beto of Marengo. Wayne is a nice guy but, if you deal him a ration of verbal abuse, you pretty quickly find out that Wayne is not going to accept it.

Here's Wayne today with his new car, a Kia. Had the folks at Viking Dodge been polite and respectful two years ago, Wayne would now be driving a two-year-old Dodge. You can find the whole story elsewhere here; just search for Viking Dodge.

Wayne was in court for about the 13th time on January 14, 2009, in Viking Dodge's $500,000 lawsuit against him. On that day Viking Dodge and James Samaras, the Plaintiffs, asked to withdraw the lawsuit, and Judge Caldwell allowed that. Judge Caldwell did order the Plaintiffs to pay Wayne the amount of his Appearance fee, which was $131.00.

I know things are slow in the car business, but one of the things you really should do is follow a judge's Order, especially when it involves only $131.00.

Did Viking Dodge and James Samaras pay? No. NO.

On Monday Wayne went to court and spoke with Judge Caldwell, who told him to go and collect his $131.00.

As you may have read earlier this week, Wayne went to Viking Dodge's attorneys, Campion, Curran, Dunlop and Lamb, P.C., where he was received most ungraciously by Mr. Missimer and Mr. Curran. They told him to clear out and threatened to call the sheriff's department, which they did.

On Tuesday Wayne went back to see Judge Caldwell and told him exactly what had transpired at Campion, Curran, Dunlop and Lamb, P.C.

I rather suspect that Mr. Samaras, Viking Dodge, and Campion, Curran, Dunlop and Lamb, P.C. will quite soon see the wisdom of somebody writing Wayne at check for $131.00.

Should Wayne file a complaint against Mr. Missimer and Mr. Curran?

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