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Wayne Beto v. Viking Dodge - Not Over Yet

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McHenry County, Illinois Topics:  Viking Dodge

Wayne Beto v. Viking Dodge - Not Over Yet

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
June 2, 2009

I thought I had written about all there was to write about the sage of Wayne Beto v. Viking Dodge, but it's not over yet. You remember Wayne; right? The man with the grey Dodge Magnum with the signs plastered all over it, urging passersby to go to RipOffReport.com and read about Viking Dodge?

When Judge Caldwell agreed to Viking Dodge's motion to withdraw its case, or whatever the fancy footwork was, earlier this year, his Order was for the Plaintiff (Viking Dodge and Jim Samaras) to pay Wayne $131 as reimbursement of his court costs.

Would you believe that Viking Dodge has not coughed up the $131 yet?

This morning Wayne was in Judge Caldwell's court to complain that Viking Dodge had not paid him. Wayne told me that the judge told him to go and try to collect it. And so he did.

Being a good, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, kind, reverend, law-abiding citizen, Wayne remembered Viking Dodge's threats to have him arrested for trespassing, if he entered upon their property. So, instead, he went to the offices of the lawyers for Viking Dodge: Campion, Curran, Dunlop & Lamb, P.C., right there on U.S. 14, just up the road from Wayne's Corner.

Wayne was shocked at the reception he got there. Wayne told me he first spoke with Mr. Missimer and then he spoke with Mr. Curran. Now, I'm going to be polite here and refer to them as "Mr.". Wayne said they were anything BUT polite to him. How about "rude, unprofessional, intimidating, threatening" for starters? Just how you'd like to be greeted, if you walked into a law firm.

And then Wayne said Mr. Curran ordered him out of the office or he'd call the police. Wayne said Good Bye and walked out, and they did call the police. Wayne waited and soon a McHenry County Sheriff's deputy showed up, spoke with Wayne, and then Wayne left.

You are probably familiar with Wayne's reaction to being verbally mistreated at Viking Dodge. He parked across the street from Viking Dodge for two years. Well, the signs about Viking Dodge are off his vehicle. As a matter of fact, he has gotten rid of the Magnum and is very happy with his new Kia.

Wayne will be right back at Judge Caldwell's court tomorrow morning, and he will ask the judge to enforce a judgement against Viking Dodge, including all collection costs. AND he will ask Judge Caldwell to cite Viking Dodge for contempt of court. AND he will ask Judge Caldwell to address the rude behavior of Attorneys Missimer and Curran. Like, maybe arrange for them to be guests of Sheriff Nygren for about three days, and I don't mean at his Wisconsin vacation house.

And I suspect that Wayne will seriously consider filing grievances with the McHenry County Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, and the A.R.D.C. (the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission - http://www.iardc.com/). You know? You would think they'd know better than to mess with Wayne...

All they had to do was be polite and say something like, "Thanks for coming in, Wayne. Since you had an attorney, we really can only communicate with him, but we'll get hold of our client (Viking Dodge - still in business - for how much longer?) about the money it owes you. We'll let your attorney know by Friday." And that would have taken care of that.

Instead, Messrs. Missimer and Curran have bought themselves a ton of trouble. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Wayne's new Kia is sporting some new signs and parked in a new spot one day soon. Let's see. Where would a good spot be? How about 8600 West U.S. Highway 14?

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