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Renew D/L this week; save $20

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Renew D/L this week; save $20

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
October 4, 2009

The Illinois Secretary of State is about to sock it to drivers in Illinois and increase the cost of a driver's license by 200%. However, you can avoid the increase, if your driver's license expires in less than one year.

Go to the DMV this week and renew your driver's license for $10.00, rather than the new fee of $30.00. You should be able to do it, unless the legislators had their scheming caps on and wrote into the increase that you can't save money by renewing early. Call the DMV at 800-252-8980, if you have questions before you go. You might want to save this number, as they "conveniently" left it off the latest edition of Illinois Rules of the Road.

According to a newspaper article, the standard D/L fee has been $10.00 since 1983. OK, so perhaps in view of that, an increase to $30 isn't all that bad. But, wouldn't it have been better to gradually increase the fee, instead of dumping it on drivers all at once?

The Guv and lawmakers are scratching their noggins, trying to find $30,000,000,000 for roads, schools and bridges.

Ever notice in the newspaper how "$30 billion" doesn't seem so big a number as $30,000,000,000?

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