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Harvey PD operations - Yikes!

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Harvey PD operations - Yikes!

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
April 23, 2013

Suppose you had a name popular (in some places) and had a few well-placed connections. How would you like to have a take-home, unmarked police car with all the goodies (lights, etc.) for your personal use?

And be able to use it in other communities (with the lights and acting like a cop)?

And not have to show up for work for four years?

Is your name Mustafah Farrakhan? Are you in the area of Harvey, Ill.? Don't know where Harvey is? Try to picture 15400 South Halsted.

The Chicago Sun-Times published a long article on Sunday. The details are enough to turn your stomach sour. What kind of a police department is Chief Denard Eaves running?

What kind of liability does the City of Harvey face, if Copper Farrakham does something stupid some night?

What kind of cr*p does Chief Eaves throw up when he says, “Officer Farrakhan assists the Police Department with community relations, in its quest to strengthen ties between police and the community”? Har-har. The article says Farrakhan hasn't clocked any hours for four years! Yet he has the personal use of a city police car? And while he lives in Crete, 30 minutes away from Harvey?

Thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Illinois Police Standards & Training Board is nosing around. Chief Eaves ought to be kicked into retirement, but he won't be.

Gee, before the Sun-Times got all excited, I wonder if I could have gotten the okay to put some red/blue lights on my "basic undercover car" and used it around the area. Yeah, sure....

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