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BearCats to McHenry County?

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Emergency Services Vehicles McHenry County, Illinois

BearCats to McHenry County?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
March 7, 2012

Is there any interest in McHenry County, at the County level or in any municipality or any other law enforcement agency (like the Conservation District or Parks Police), in acquiring military-grade assault vehicles? Drop by Bossier Parish, La. to see the vehicle in the upper photo. It's just a "short" 980 miles SSW of Woodstock.

At what point would law-abiding citizens have to fear that such equipment might be ordered into use against them?

The McHenry County Sheriff's Department has MARV. Has there ever been even one time that its use was warranted? Would any outcome have been the same, if MARV wasn't available in our county?

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Never has this been truer. Look at what Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to push through on Illinois residents. Keep in mind; he is "only" the mayor of Chicago. He doesn't rule the State. Yet. Think he doesn't have a grand plan? Take a look at his puss the next time he is in the news. Think that's not the face of a man who would like to be King, Dictator, Ruler of Illinois? Personally, I don't care to be anywhere near him!

Just how much firepower should we put in the hands of our law-enforcement personnel. Unlimited?

Look what is happening in other countries, when dissidents rise up. Look at the awesome firepower used to quell uprisings.

Think back to Colonial Days. If the King had had more firepower, we wouldn't be the USA. If the People had had less firepower, we wouldn't be the USA.

"Enough" firepower must remain in the hands of the People (which is not Emanuel's plan). He wants to require gun registration, which is a logical step to gun confiscation. Right now, the government doesn't really know whether I own a gun and ammo or not. All it knows is that I have a FOID card. I'd prefer they didn't even know that.

How about if every person not disqualified by statute, applied for a FOID card? It's $10 for ten years. Get a card, even if you don't own a gun. Even if you think you might never want to own a gun. Why?

The day might come when you want to buy a gun. If you've already got the FOID card, you can waltz into your nearest gun shop and buy one. You might have to wait three days, but that's a lot better than having to wait 90 days for your FOID card.

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