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Dial-a-Ride in Woodstock

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McHenry County, Illinois

Dial-a-Ride in Woodstock

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
November 24, 2009

Today my attention was called to the Dial-a-Ride service in Woodstock, when a caller commented that on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, no Dial-a-Ride transportation service is available in Woodstock. This particular caller does not drive and must use public transportation to work in Woodstock. He also lamented the limited service in Woodstock, which ends at 5:00PM, and asked how an employee could work until 5:00PM and then get home, when the bus service ends at 5:00PM.

I had previously been told that Woodstock Dial-a-Ride requires a 24-hour reservation notice, whereas service in McHenry is available on the same day as you call, as long as you call early enough. In a conversation with Roscoe Stelford, Finance Director of the City of Woodstock, I learned that same-day service might be available in Woodstock, if a bus is available.

So, if you do want same-day service, go ahead and call. But be understanding if you are told that no space is available. However, if you get told that NO same-day service is available, then email Roscoe at rstelford@woodstockil.gov and tell him what happened.

What does the City of Woodstock pay to support Dial-a-Ride? How many riders/day does Dial-a-Ride serve?

If you have suggestions for improvements or changes in Dial-a-Ride service, email Roscoe and let him know. The contract with Dial-a-Ride gets renewed from time-to-time, and citizen input will help the City create an agreement that continues to meet the needs of residents.

Is the RTA SmartCard accepted on Dial-a-Ride?

Can transfers from Metra or PACE be used on Dial-a-Ride?

Integrating Dial-a-Ride with PACE and Metra shouldn't be all that hard. All it takes is someone with a big enough stick to make it happen.

If you have questions about Dial-a-Ride or want to use the service, call 815.338.5240 (let it ring until they answer) or 800.671.6717 and ask for Woodstock; then let it ring until they answer. Call before 5:00PM; call well before 5PM.

I was surprised to learn that many students use Dial-a-Ride. Read more about the Dial-a-Ride service in Woodstock at http://www.woodstockil.gov/index.asp?Type=B_LIST&SEC=%7B1F486FE1-84DA-4707-B98D-5228738C8164%7D

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