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Auto Insurance Discount

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Auto Insurance Discount

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
February 22, 2009

Like a discount on your auto insurance?

Contact your insurance agent and ask if your insurance company will give you a discount on any portion of your automobile insurance, if you take a driver safety program such as the AARP Driver Safety Program or a similar program offered by AAA.

The AARP program isn't just for the old folks. AARP solicits for new members once they hit Age 50, and insurance laws in many states require insurors to grant a discount to the vehicle owner who submits a certificate that he attended the course. The minimum age at which the insurance company will grant a discount varies from state to state, and the amount of discount varies.

Companies might offer a 5% discount, and it is might only be on the liability portion of the premium, not on the total premium.

The AARP Driver Safety Program can be taken in a two-day classroom setting, usually scheduled on two consecutive days of four hours each day. The $10.00 cost pays for the booklet.

The Program can be taken online. Go to http://www.aarp.org/ Click on "Contact AARP" at the bottom. Then on the lower right side of the next page, click on Driver Safety Course. The cost of the online program is $14.95 if you are an AARP member; $19.95, if you're not.

If this course is taken seriously, a driver can correct one or more bad habits and might be able to avoid an accident in the first place. Or a ticket. The few dollars saved in the discount will be far outweighed by not having to fork over a large deductible for repairs after a wreck or for a ticket and court costs.

Generally, it's the senior citizens who take this Program, but it is open to drivers of all ages.

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