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Beto asks Court's help to collect $131

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McHenry County, Illinois Topics:  Viking Dodge

Beto asks Court's help to collect $131

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
June 10, 2009

Wayne Beto will be in court on Monday morning to collect the $131.00 that James Samaras and Viking Dodge owe him. Way, way, way back in January Judge Caldwell ordered Samaras and Viking Dodge to pay Wayne $131.00. The $131 represents the Appearance Fee that Wayne had to pay when Viking Dodge sued him for $500,000 a couple of years ago.

Out of the "stellar" sales of recent claim by Mr. Samaras, hopefully he has set aside the $131 and will be there Monday morning, certified check in hand.

Or maybe Samaras will send his good lawyer friends, Mr. Missimer and Mr. Curran. While they are there, they can explain to Judge Caldwell why they were so rude to Wayne when he went to Campion, Curran, Dunlop and Lamb, P.C. last week to ask for payment due him from their client.

I don't know if they thought they would intimidate Wayne by calling the McHenry County Sheriff's Department after they ordered Wayne out of their law office but, if they had thought about it for very long, they might have chosen a different customer-service response. Wayne tried to tell them that he had seen Judge Caldwell that morning. They had to know that the good folks at Viking Dodge had threatened him with a Trespassing charge, if he set foot on their property again.

Rather than being professional and polite to Wayne, they chose the path of the bully. And it didn't work.

You know the old saying, "What goes around, comes around"?

What will Wayne do with the $131.00? Well, there is this sign shop in Marengo that could probably use a Stimulus payment about now for some signs for Wayne's new Kia.

See you in court Monday, Wayne! Hopefully, Judge Caldwell won't tolerate a bushel basket of excuses and objections and counter motions. Maybe he won't even give the lawyers the evil eye although, if I were the judge in this case, I'd be pondering some healthy penalties for how they treated Wayne.

Samaras' lawsuit against Wayne cost him a year's worth of his Social Security benefits over a two-year period, and then Viking Dodge and Samaras backed out. Frankly, courts shouldn't allow a plaintiff to cause a defendant large legal bills and then pull out. Wayne wanted his day in court, and all he got were some brief visits over a two-year period and Continuance after Continuance. Maybe after the first three months his lawyer should have asked the court to put of stop to the continuance and force the case to trial?

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