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Hyundai, Making Driving Possible For People With Disabilities

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Hyundai, Making Driving Possible For People With Disabilities

Stacey Wilson
June 8, 2006

The Hyundai Motor America has just most recently announced that it is launching a new program and campaign that is set on supporting those people who own vehicles yet cannot drive because of some special physical needs or physical disabilities. The company is calling this whole campaign the ‘Mobility Program’. As part of this program customers will be actually reimbursed with amounts that could reach up to $1000. This, they can use for new adaptive equipment that can be installed in any new vehicle from Hyundai. They can avail of this as long as the vehicle is leased or purchased through a dealership that has been authorized by the company.

According to John Krafcik, the vice president of product development and strategic planning of Hyundai Motor America, “Hyundai is committed to offering all consumers access to the most sophisticated vehicle safety technologies. For example, we package Electronic Stability Control on more than 70 per cent of the vehicles we sell, and Hyundai models consistently receive high marks for crashworthiness.” Krafcik even adds that with the Mobility Program, drivers who have special physical needs will find things much easier when they purchase vehicles. They also would be finding a good combination of convenience, comfort and safety with Hyundai vehicles.

In line with this, the Louisiana Tech University has conducted their own research. Their study had results that implied that minivans and sedans are the mostly used vehicles for modifications for the disabled. They make up the majority which is a whopping 55.4 per cent. Also according to the said study, the most common things modified on these vehicles for those drivers with special physical needs are the use of lifts and lowered floors. Other modifications also include special steering systems as well as special braking controls.

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