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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Air Guard 400

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Air Guard 400

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Air Guard 400

Matt Kenseth
September 11, 2010


KERRY THARP: Matt Kenseth has joined us, he drives the number 17 Crown Royal Ford for Roush Fenway and he's seated 11th in the Chase.
Matt, tell us about what it's going to take to second NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.
MATT KENSETH: You have to beat all them good guys up there in the Top-5 or 6, you know, every race.
So I think you've got to be consistently Top-5 runner and on your worst days probably finish in the Top-10 and your best days, hopefully contend for some wins.
So that's about it. You never know exactly what it's going to take until they get into it.

Q. Looking at the way that things have panned out this year, and as tight as everybody seems to be going into the Chase, as all things stand, how do you think your chances are at actually having the opportunity to beat Jimmie in the Chase this year, and win the championship in?
MATT KENSETH: I think depends how we start. And certainly if you look at the first 26 races, everyone will sit up here and tell you they have a championship for the championship and mathematically that's true, but not if we run like we did for 26 races. But seems like we average usually around a 12th place finish, and certainly that's not going to win the championship over ten races.
Our performance has been getting better lately and I'm enthused by that and seeing how good Greg has been running and Carl, so feels like we are getting better. So if we do all the right things at the track and get up there, hopefully we can contend with those guys but depends how they run as well and if they have trouble and all that. But the main thing we are focused on is trying to elevate our performance to where we can be a consistent frontrunner and leading laps and be in contention to win.
KERRY THARP: Matt, congratulations on making the Chase and good luck contending for the championship.

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