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ABAA Convention News

Topics:  Auto Body Association of America, Paul Goldberg

ABAA Convention News

Florida Automotive Journal
December 1970

The Auto Body Association of America held its Convention and Trade Show in South Florida for the first time since its beginnings in 1964.  Running from November 5 through November 8, and housed at the Diplomat Hotel and Country Club, the main purpose of the event is to expose the ABAA to all those concerned with the auto body industry, including insurance companies, mechanics, and even the general public.  Of course, the Association is always looking for new members; the more thinking people in an organization, the greater strides in improvement of that organization and all it deals with.

The Convention and Trade Show were a tremendous success as far as immediate returns go.  But, perhaps even more important are the later returns, the overall, long - range success which will be measured in greater response from legislators, insurance companies, mechanics, crash manual publishers, and automobile manufacturers to the efforts of ABAA for real communication and airing of problems of mutual interest.

It was estimated that there were, at one point, approximately 3,000 viewers walking through the show inspecting the wares of the 100 exhibitors.  The mechanics were especially excited about the new products and techniques displayed, all intended to make their jobs easier, and the finished work safer and more durable for the customer.  It is expected that these innovations will actually save the body shop owner money due to the decreased time necessary for completion of a job.  This savings can then be passed on to the public.

Election of officers for 1970-71 were held at the convention.  The results are as follows:

President - Paul Goldberg, Hartford, Conn
1st Vice President - Reginald (Reg) Predham, Neptune. N.J.
2nd Vice President - Donald N. Gamauf, Harvey, Illinois
Secretary - George W. Threfall, East Patterson, N.J.
Treasurer - Samuel E. Laddon, Wheaton, Maryland

Paul Goldberg, a member of the Auto Body Assocaition of America almost from its inception, was re-elected President of that organization at the November Convention and Trade Show.  Mr. Goldberg, a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut, is active in religious and fraternal organizations as well as business organizations.  Not unfamiliar with the many problems of the auto mechanic, Mr. Goldberg and his four brothers run the auto body shop their father began as the first garage in Hartford, Connecticut.

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