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Florida Automotive Journal
December 1970

Spot Chrome
A new plating process, "Spot Chrome," is finding increased acceptance throughout the repair and related industries such as insurance, the automobile dealer, and his departments as well as the general public.  The "Spot Chrome" method is a highly successful method of repairing damage to automobile chrome plating and is equal to the original plating in appearance and durability.

Replacement costs for hanging a new bumper, bar or accessory have increased substantially because of the problem and time involved in removing back bars, lights, license plates, fixtures etc.  Much damage to original plating is surface and minor and can be repaired right on the car.  Often a small job can be performed while a customer waits because there is no delay in waiting for parts or removal.

Considerable metal repair can be effected to items confined to reasonably small areas of of several inches or more with "Spot Chrome." In areas where bumpers are being handled under warranty, the process is being used for repair instead of replacement and the company, Spot Chrome, Inc., of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, expects shortly to have a national program working with General Motors, Ford and Chrysler for promotion on the use of Spot Chrome by their manufacturing and dealership organizations.

Many insurance companies allow replacement of plated bars or accessories, but there has developed a complete acceptability to rechroming generally and some 380 major automobile insurers have welcomed the company's process.  A recent market survey indicates that "Spot Chrome" can effect repair of 30% of bumper replacement with a yearly cost of 70 million dollars or more with a savings to the insurance industry of 18% to 35%.  One large insurance company alone might save four to five million dollars annually using this process.  Another equally large company showed average savings of better than $15.00 per bar.

The technique starts where necessary bump outs are completed, the repair area is ground and sanded with a rotary sander, the cabinet containing chemicals and retifier rolled to the stall and plugged into a 110 volt outlet as a ground wire is attatched to the car.  Pans placed under the area being repaired catch all the run off as "Spot Chroming" procedes.  After filtering these chemicals will be reused on other jobs.  The applicator consists of copper, two layers of nickel and one of chrome with a final buffing using a chrome rouge.  After this operation, absolutely no evidence of the repair is visible, and the surface is both beautiful and lasting.

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