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A Close Inspection At The 2007 Subaru Legacy

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A Close Inspection At The 2007 Subaru Legacy

Sarah McBride
July 25, 2006

Subaru still has yet to send out the 2007 model of the Subaru Legacy out to dealerships and auto showrooms. And those who are followers of the Subaru vehicles, especially the Subaru Legacy, find the wait to be quite a long one.

According to those who were able to take a first hand view and inspection of the 2007 Subaru Legacy, the most recognizable changes were included the new headlights as well as new taillights. There also has been a change with the grille for it now has a much larger opening making it more prominent. These changes may be quite subtle and restrained but the overall effect is a vehicle that has more poise and a more positive aura.

Subaru now states for a fact that the restyling and updating has been mainly done so as to bring out the hidden dynamics that the vehicle possessed. Of course present Subaru Legacy owners could do the sprucing up themselves with Saturn aftermarket parts but the company sure would like to offer a vehicle that needs no more upgrades and would be liked immediately by the auto market.

As per the source of power, the engine still would either be a 2.5 liter engine or a 3.0 liter engine. However, the new Subaru Legacy would now be holding a new exhaust that would provide a much lower amount of noise and would give the vehicle a more looming stance overall. Those who would like to purchase the new vehicle also could also opt to further add in more features like the Subaru Intelligent Drive or is also known as the SI-Drive. This system is actually a controller found at the cockpit of the vehicle and it is adjustable. What it does is it can controller the electronic throttle as well as the engine control unit of the ECU. And with this, any driver could be sure to have a breezy driving experience.

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