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VW MK4 How To Replace Inventory Speakers With Aftermarket

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VW MK4 How To Replace Inventory Speakers With Aftermarket

Miklas Kristoffersen
March 17, 2014

Volkswagen's GTI has become the German automobile maker's trademark car for days gone by 30 years. It offers something for everybody, targeting the young and old. Many GTI owners love wrenching around the vehicle themselves. Taking away the door panels on a GTI could be a tiresome job, but it is definitely doable.

Open the doorway and roll the window all the way down. Wind a couple of bits of electrical tape across the end of the flat-head screwdriver to stop any injury to the interior bits. Pry the interior handle bit from the door handle. Go at it from beneath the handle. Eliminate the bit entirely.

Catch the back area of the handle that's still linked and pull it upwards slowly. It'll snap out of area. Disconnect the wiring that is connected to the handle to get rid of it totally.

Find the three big screws and remove them using a Phillips screwdriver. Find the three T20 torx screws at the end of the door panel. Remove them utilizing the T20 torx screwdriver.

Discover the tiny screw in the right or left side of the door panel toward the inner-facing panel close to the very best. Remove that screw using the Phillips screwdriver. Pull off the door panel beginning using the lower left part. There are a total of six catches linking the door panel.

Pull the door panel upward from either end to release it in the window seals. Now, the door panel is likely to be held on by only the electric wiring. Take away the door lock cable. Snatch the leading edge of the retaining clip and pull out. Slide the clip toward the rear of the vehicle. Unhook it from entirely the unlock handle.

Disconnect the staying electric connections by unplugging them. Take away the door panel. The initial step to updating your vehicle's factory sound system or replacing broken loudspeakers is removing the old loudspeakers. Car speakers may be taken away readily; it is getting them that can at times take time plus work. It's possible to remove your vehicle's loudspeakers in under an hour with a couple of home tools. Consistently follow security procedures when working on vehicles or their electronic equipment.

The factory speaker is secured to the car door with four Phillips screws. We removed them, then pulled the speaker out of the opening. Using a flat head screwdriver, we popped off the factory harness and removed the factory speaker. Take away the screws mounting the loudspeakers to the entranceway. Yank each loudspeaker outside as well as disconnect the module in the back of the loudspeaker. Some older vehicles have wiring soldered to the loudspeaker, as opposed to a connection module. If this is actually the case, make use of the wire cutters to cut the wire in the root of the loudspeaker fastener.

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