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Custom Wheel and Tire Information

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Custom Wheel and Tire Information

Timothy Grady
February 22, 2013

Duration: 4:00
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Custom Wheel / Rim Benefits:

Installing custom rims and wheels on your vehicle is the fastest and most inexpensive method to create a customized look tailored to the car, truck and SUV owner's unique taste. The wide variety of custom rims and wheels on the market provides the car, truck, and SUV owner the ability to uniquely express themselves with a unique look. The odds that the same vehicle in your area having the same custom rims and wheels are extremely low. I have been adding custom rims and wheels to my vehicles for 30 years and never witnessed the same vehicle having the same wheels that I chose for my unique style. Car, truck, and SUV owners can spend as little as $400 to add custom rims and wheels to their vehicle. However, there are some key points to consider when shopping for custom rims and wheels.

Custom Wheel / Rim Size Selection:

Many consumers seeking to customize their vehicle with custom rims and tires will seek larger wheels to install on the vehicle. This is known as upsizing custom wheels and rims to improve the aesthetic look of the vehicle. However, one must know the correct tire size to use in order to offset the increase in the size of the wheel without changing the performance of the vehicle as well as preventing any friction or rubbing inside the vehicle's wheel well. Further, the consumer should know that the feel of the ride will change when decreasing the sidewall of the tire.

Custom Wheel / Rim Bolt Patterns:

Cars, trucks, and SUVs come with many varieties of wheel and rim bolt patterns. The consumer must ensure they purchase a wheel available in the correct bolt pattern. Many wheels and rims are available with dual bolt patterns pre-drilled to provide a more universal fit. Currently wheel and rim manufacturers offer wheels with blank bolt patterns and will drill the customer's bolt pattern upon purchase. They do this with precision equipment achieving the same results as factory pre-drills.

Custom Wheel / Rim Hardware:

More than likely, the consumer will have to replace the original lug nuts for the vehicle with custom lug nuts to properly fit with custom wheel and rims. Most dealers will offer installation kits with custom lug nuts, security locks, wrench adapters, and chrome valve stems.

Custom Wheel / Rim Offset:

The wheel offset is a critical factor when considering the correct custom wheel or rim to fit to the vehicle. The proper offset ensures the inside of the wheel will not hit the brake caliper. It ensures also that the wheel will not protrude beyond the edge of the fender. Vehicles with big brake calipers require lower offsets than normal to keep the wheel away from the caliper.

Expert Advise:

Custom wheel and rim dealers should have experts on staff to assist the consumer with choosing the correct wheel or rim for their vehicle.

If you are interested in customizing your vehicle with custom wheels and rims, please visit http://www.wheelzngrillez.com or call 1-888-251-8880.

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