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The New York Times
June 2, 1900

Nearly Fifty Enthusiasts Will Start on the Journey to Philadelphia.

Nearly fifty enthusiastic automobilists will assemble early this morning at the Waldorf-Astoria to start on the long-distance run to Philadelphia.

The run is given under the auspices of the Automobile Club of America, and it is the longest road run ever held in America by a number of automobilists.  It will start promptly at 7:30 o'clock.

George F. Chamberlin, the Acting President of the club, will ride with Dr. E. C. Chamberlin in a new model gasoline Winton phaeton.  V. Everitt Macy and Albert Otto will travel with a party of friends in a four-seated break, an entirely new carriage just received by Mr. Macy and propelled by gasoline.  Louis R. Adams of Brooklyn will go in a Winton phaeton, Samuel R. Sacks will have a party of friends in his two-seated steam locomobile.  George Isham Scott,  the Acting Chairman of the Committee on Runs, will ride in a steam vehicle, and A. L. Riker, the victor of the recent Springfield-Babylon race, will have three electric vehicles in line, and he has made arrangements to have them recharged on the road.  E. E. Schwarzkopf will manage an omnibus gasoline car, which will carry a party of club members.  Some of the other starters will be Albert R. Shattuck, W. H. Hall, G. J. Davis, H. P. Maxim, and W. H. Winslow.

The carriages will be paced from the Waldorf-Astoria to South Ferry, and no attempt to establish records will be made.  The chauffeurs will go to St. George by the Staten Island Ferry, and then follow the Amboy Road to Tottenville, where the ferry will be crossed to Perth Amboy.  The route will then be to Metichen, to New Brunswick, to Franklin Park, to Kingston, to Princeton, to Trenton, Whitehorse, Bordentown, Mount Holly. Moorestown, Merchantsville, and Camden, the ferry to Philadelphia being taken at the latter place.  The Hotel Bellevue will be the club's headquarters in Philadelphia.

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