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Auto Dealer Survey Says Toyota Reigns Over All

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Auto Dealer Survey Says Toyota Reigns Over All

Sarah McBride
August 9, 2006

A survey was recently conducted and studied by the National Automotive Dealers Association, which is more known as NADA. And the results stated that the top three spots were reigned over by Toyota Motor Corporation brands. Topping the list was the Lexus luxury brand. It was followed then by the other Toyota handled brand, Scion, and is followed then by the Toyota brand. This study was done so as to see which brands in the United States gave its customers the best in dealer satisfaction. And Lexus took home a 96 point average score which is quite high.

The mentioned survey done by NADA was conducted earlier this year, during the months of January and February. The survey contained questions that asked the respondents and auto dealers to give their ratings when it came to satisfaction from the auto makers which they represented. It included questions about the satisfaction about the products that they marketed from cars and vehicles to auto parts Toyota and everything else in between. The ratings ranged from zero up to a complete 100 points.

Asian auto makers also came out to be good in the satisfaction rating study. In fact, after Toyota, other brands from Asia followed the list. Honda Motor Corporation’s Acura brand took the third spot. Hyundai Motor Corporation took the fourth place while the Nissan Motor Corporation made its way to own up to the fifth spot.

While this was so, American auto manufacturers found their brands way low on the list. General Motors Corporation’s Hummer and Cadillac brands only received an average of 71.2 on satisfaction. In fact, even Daimler Chrysler AG’s brands even got much lower scores. Jeep took 71.2 points. Chrysler got a measly 70.8. Even Mercedes Benz was only able to find some 70.5 points to own. It is not even surprising to find Ford trailing behind the brands with a rating of 63.7 points.

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