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For Recall: 2002-2006 Jeep Liberty

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For Recall: 2002-2006 Jeep Liberty

Terry Brown
August 12, 2006

The Chrysler Group of vehicles has recently released an announcement that they are recalling some 832,000 Jeep Liberty vehicles. This is according to some studies that they have regarding the mentioned vehicles. The company has found out that these Jeep Liberty vehicles manufactured from 2002 up until 2006 have a potential loss of control of steering which could definitely endanger the lives of those who drive it, those who ride it, and those who are in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Max Gates, the spokesperson for Daimler Chrysler AG, the company that manufactures vehicles under the Jeep brand, further claims that they have already received 111 complaints so far. And they were also able to receive reports of three injuries that were related to the problem. If parts jeep were the problem, the situation would have been easier to contain. However, with such a case, the results could even be grave and could lead to serious injuries or even death.

The company was able to send out a statement that the Jeep Liberty’s front suspension lower ball joint is very much likely to go through excessive wear and looseness through use. And when this happens, the ball join of the front suspension could actually separate and lead to a loss of control of the Jeep Liberty’s steering. Among the complaints, that the company received, the users of the vehicle claimed that the ball joint failed which resulted to the front end of the vehicle dropping on the front tires.

Because of this, Chrysler has already gone through the usual studies and revisions so as to cure this problem with the Jeep Liberty. Now, they were able to completely redesign the structure of the vehicle. Gates further states that they perceive the ball joint of the Jeep Liberty would no longer fall on the same problem. He further states that all owners of this vehicle would soon be receiving a notice about the recall come September. All the ball joints would be replaced and the owners would not have to shell out additional cost for that.

The Jeep Liberty is a compact SUV and has been crafted since 2002. It holds four doors and has built on the FR/AWD/4WD KJ platform.

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