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2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Gets Price Increase

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2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid Gets Price Increase

Tracy Dawson
August 17, 2006

The 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle is already ready. The Toyota Motor Corporation, the mother that built this exceptional vehicle, made sure that it would bring forth new features and new options for the auto market for the coming year. And along with that, the company also decided on bringing up the tag price of this hybrid vehicle by 2.1 per cent, amounting to $450, from the price that it used to have. And along with that, the auto market should better be ready to meet the newest Toyota Prius Hybrid version. Just like the previous Toyota Prius vehicles, the 2007 version would be made up of the best kind of auto parts Toyota. But now, the Toyota Prius Hybrid would hold a price of $22,175. This is according to a statement from the company’s California unit. As per the Toyota Prius Hybrid Touring Edition vehicle, it would now be sold at $23,070. But it would be the proud owner of larger wheels plus a much stiffer suspension.

Now, if you are interested, you better camp out of your local Toyota dealer. These Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles would be going on sale this month.

Toyota has been known as the world’s best manufacturer of vehicles that could run on both gasoline and electric charges. This company has been the brain and the brawn behind various hybrids that are fuel efficient. The list includes the Toyota Camry hybrid version, the Lexus GS sedan hybrid, the Toyota Highlander, and the Lexus RX SUV hybrid. And these creations have given the company that much needed increase in sales. Now, Toyota is enjoying the 10 per cent increase in their vehicles’ sales in the US with the Toyota Prius as their top selling hybrid vehicle.

And with the continuous increase in the prices of fuel, Toyota would sure be able to enjoy from this situation. People are now opting to own and use hybrid vehicles for this type of vehicles can actually help owners and drivers save on fuel costs. They are also very friendly to the environment for it has a reduced amount of emissions.

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