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We compare 2015 TLX driving performance to retired TSX

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We compare 2015 TLX driving performance to retired TSX

Parks McCants, TorqueNews
September 12, 2014 (02:51)

2015 Acura TLX
Acura TSX is a good car with many fans. We believe that TLX is better.

Torque News- Acura recently received a question from a TSX owner that’s contemplating upgrading to the all-new TLX. Like most Acura owners he’s happy with his aging car. Nonetheless, for reader Andy Yoo it’s time to make a change; Andy’s sticking with Acura.

Andy asks: “Question is how does the driving compare to the old first gen TSX? I am driving one and thinking about upgrading. Quiet and fast shift is good, but not most important for me. I doubt the 6hp difference is going do much for the heavier car in compare. may be a V-6 is in my future. But I bet there will be handling cons…,” says Andy. Like most if not all Acura drivers we’ve interviewed over the years, Andy likes to drive.

We’ve driven the 2014 TSX and found it to be a not too far departure from a top of the line Accord. We found the interior to be no nonsense Acura, engine performance to be a bit above that demonstrated by the Honda Si, with enviable handling and curve hugging performance.

What we didn’t appreciate was the harsh ride, tight interior confines, restricted high bolstered seats and slight loud pedal lag experienced in our test mule via throttle by wire. We did however appreciate the light, ass kicking curve hugging handling characteristics of the Accord sized TSX. We believe that that’s what Andy likes.

This was our response to Andy’s question: “Good questions andyoo(handle).” Note: TLX is closer in dimension to TSX than TL... Both myself and co driver Been enjoyed the road handling characteristics, readily available torque and loud pedal of the high revving 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. What makes this combination work is the dual clutch automated manual 8 speed transmission with paddle shifters and driving mode button. Until you test drive one, it's hard to envision what the car can truly do. So, don't cross it off of the list before doing so.

“The V6 is an ass kicker, but not required to have fun in TLX.” While it’s a bit heavier than the TSX, I didn't notice any heavier feel in road handling or steering. What I did appreciate was the roomier interior and much lower interior noise level. Thanks for asking.

We believe 2015 TLX to be the game changer for Acura and look for it’s technology to change the way the automotive industry looks at personal transportation.

See more at: http://www.torquenews.com/1574/we-compare-2015-tlx-driving-performance-retired-tsx#sthash.9YPul0EZ.dpuf

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