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Meadowdale Divisional

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Meadowdale Divisional

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January 1962

October 1, 1961

Meadowdale International Raceway SCCA 1961 Meadowdale International Raceway SCCA 1961 Meadowdale International Raceway SCCA 1961 Meadowdale International Raceway SCCA 1961 Meadowdale International Raceway SCCA 1961
This was the race! For the first time in many moons, Pabst and Heuer race against one another, rather than team-style. Heuer had sold car #5 to non-racing Chicagoan Skip Lehmann, who put Augie back in seat. Pabst broke two-year old lap record in out-driving Heuer. Cars raced in truly remarkable style, both held up for full distance.

Many drivers REALLY want out on MIR's first turn, with its concrete retaining wall. Here, Nate Karras' door pops open during BP race. Karras took second to Dick Lang in event.

Milwaukee Region's Divisional SCCA Race didn't attract big FJ entry. Only these three started: Jim Johnston, Cincinnatti, O. (Cooper #15), Don Walther, Wilmette, Ill., (MBM #5) and Dr. Curt Gonstead, Monroe, Wis. (ELVA-Mitter #3). Gonstead ran off and hid.

Feature action on the "Monza Wall" as Ernie Erickson closes on Owen Coon (#95). Erickson placed in Class E second. Coon took a CM first. Wall looks smooth, is actually wavy, hard on suspension.

Big stuff at speed in first turn. Echidnas of G. Hansen (foreground) and Dick Roe (tailpiece) box in Ernie Erickson (#27) and Chuck Baldwin (#9)8. Echidnas, real stormers in Midwest racing, were sold by Larson and Staver, Minnesotans who built them, to Hansen and Roe, who have been campaigning on ragged edge with brutal, Chevy-based titans.

Owen Coon's triumphal appearance on starting grid shook everyone. Zulu wig doesn't bother Pete, his chief mechanic.

First race action on the wall—Bob Petrick, Flint, Mich., (#6) leads fellow townsman Dr. P. G. Seven (#7) and Bill Niemayer (#66) during early stages of affair. Seven finished second in GP, behind Niemayer, who took class first, fourth O.A. Petrick was seventh O.A., fifth in FP.

Sparse, disappointing crowd looks uptrack, as Chuck Baldwin (#98) heads Dick Roe's Echidna down home stretch. Baldwin took 5th O.A. and BM fourth, while Roe won CM second, 8th O.A.

Dig this version of the famous Pabst grin! With Cunningham colors on crash bonnet, Herr August brings Scarab into pits after winning Milwaukee SCC Divisional main.

One of most promising drivers in the Midwest, Bill Wuesthoff, Milwaukee, brings third place feature winning RS60 within an ace of retaining rail on "Monza Wall." Bill really hung it out in vain effort to catch view of flying Scarabs of Pabst and Heuer.

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