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Business As Usual For Win-Tron Racing After Glorifying Win

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  James Buescher, Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200

Business As Usual For Win-Tron Racing After Glorifying Win

Chris Knight
Win-Tron Racing
March 14, 2009

LAKEVILLE, Minnesota (March 14, 2009) - - It’s been a few weeks since Win-Tron Racing enjoyed their greatest spectacle of all time when Win-Tron Racing development driver James Buescher overcame the odds and muscled his Win-Tron Racing TOYOTA Camry to victory lane in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200.

The champagne has been sprayed, the pictures have been framed and the car is back in the shop and the long time ARCA RE/MAX Series team is business as usual since returning to their hometown turf a couple days following the team’s biggest victory since their inception in 2005.

Win-Tron Racing, led by former ASA stand-out Kevin Cywinski and crew chief Mike Chaffee, is concentrating on their remaining season which is set to include 21 races with a variety of drivers while gunning for the prestigious ARCA RE/MAX Series owner’s championship.

“The win was important for us, but the guys aren’t missing a beat,” said Nate Thiesse, one of the most respected car owners in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. “Daytona was a real treat for us. We’ve been trying for several years to win ARCA’s biggest race. Now to finally conquer it, the world is our oyster.”

Thiesse, who shares the ownership roles with Cywinski, a former NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver continued, “We had out setbacks at Daytona, but this team is one of the strongest in the garage and sometimes underestimated. We pulled together and exploded. It was a good day.”

While the team will have the next month or so to cherish winning the 2009 ARCA RE/MAX Series opener, Thiesse and company are working hard to keep their hot-streak alive when the RE/MAX Series returns to action on April 5th. Matt Merrell, another talented young-hot gun in the team’s development fleet will step in and take over the No. 32 controls in the first of at least 14 ARCA events this season.

“Our team has been known for spotlighting the futures of stock car racing and Matt definitely fits that profile,” Thiesse explained. “He ran a full USAR schedule for us last year in addition to making some select ARCA starts and he did a fine job. This year he is eager and he wants more. We’re going to keep building fast race cars and give Matt the opportunity to visit victory lane. We’re really excited about this year.”

While the lone-Minnesota based full-time ARCA operation won’t have a full-time driver, the team isn’t letting that circumstance keep them from putting out competitive equipment but instead making a statement.

“We have equipment that can win no matter who is driving,” remarked Thiesse. “We came very close to winning with Andy Hanson last year in his inaugural ARCA RE/MAX Series start. Matt also had some shinning moments but we weren’t able to seal the deal. Matt will be in the car for most of the year while James (Buescher) will be back for a handful and our newest protégé, Brad Riethmeyer, will look to give Win-Tron Racing back-to-back superspeedway victories. The future is bright for our company; we can’t wait to get back on the track.”

In addition to running the ARCA RE/MAX Series, Win-Tron Racing has fielded an entry in the USAR Series in the past and could continue that presence in some capacity in 2009. On the horizon, the team hopes to build a successful NASCAR Camping World Truck Series program which could become a reality during the course of NASCAR’s 25-race season this year.

Further information on Win-Tron Racing is available by visiting win-tronracing.com or contacting Nate Thiesse at 952.469.1839 or nate@win-tronracing.com.

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