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Autonomy - Next Step - Next Two

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Autonomy - Next Step - Next Two

Geoff Maxted
February 7, 2014

Renault Renault
DriveWrite thinks that the Renault Zoe EV is brilliant but for Renault it isn't enough apparently. This is their vision of our driving future:

Loss of time, tiredness, stress, wasted fuel...such is the lot of the modern-day motorist, on roads that are becoming increasingly congested. In these conditions - say Renault - why not allow yourself to just settle back and become a mere passenger?

Autonomous vehicles are a real step towards mobility of the future, as well as towards enhanced safety. NEXT TWO is Renault's vision of an autonomous electric vehicle for the year 2020. Renault links connectivity with the delegation of certain driving functions, giving motorists useful extra free time, while improving safety.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO at Renault says, "Thanks to the NEXT TWO autonomous prototype, Renault's aim is to take up position right now in this field of advanced technology, which we believe will reach the marketplace by around 2020. With NEXT TWO, we wanted to combine the worlds of delegated driving and connectivity. Not only will autonomous driving enhance safety, but it will also free up time for drivers. Being connected will enable them to make the most of this extra time by providing them with access to new in-car services such as video-conferences, on-line shopping, travel information and more."

Thanks to simple but ingenious sensor technologies, NEXT TWO frees the driver from the task of driving to give him spare-time back in precise and useful situations with: The delegation of driving functions in congested traffic up to 18 mph on main roads and an Automated Valet Parking function which permits the vehicle to park itself completely autonomously in car parks equipped to cater for automated vehicles. This includes both finding a parking place and the necessary manoeuvring.

On board NEXT TWO, people can above all ensure that this time is either productive or pleasurable by tapping into the benefits of a hyper-connected mobile lifestyle. With its based on open source connectivity system, NEXT TWO picks up all available networks (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) and is compatible with all operating systems. People on-board will find everything they would expect to find at home or in the office - in complete safety, while the vehicle takes care of the journey by itself.

At the launch of its New Face of Industry in France programme, the French government named Carlos Ghosn as the leader of the ‘Autonomous Vehicles' project. A roadmap will be agreed in February 2014 and Renault will mobilise the resources of the French automotive industry for this programme. In the context of the Alliance, Renault and Nissan are working together to ensure synergies in the development of autonomous and connected vehicles. To help bring these technologies into the mainstream, a high number of partners are involved.

OK, so that’s what Renault and their partners say but is it what you want? Is it really? Do you really want to shop when in the car? I come back to my often made point about having technology forced on us whether we like it or not. Has anyone ever actually asked you? Personally, I spend enough time sitting at computers as it is and I don’t feel the need to sit in one. I like driving. If I wanted to work and travel, I’d go on the train.

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