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Pennsylvania Salvage Yards Save Time, Money and the Environment

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Pennsylvania Salvage Yards Save Time, Money and the Environment

Ronnie Tanner
February 27, 2009

Gone are the days of calling all over town just to see if one of the local salvage yards has the part you need to fix your car on your only day off. By utilizing direct access inventory systems, computers and the internet, salvage yards in Pennsylvania offer one stop shopping for most customers, saving not just time but also money and probably a little frustration as well. Today all one must do is pick up the telephone and dial a salvage yard near you and the counter person can usually locate your part even if he doesn’t have it. And in many cases he can still locate it somewhere else in the country and have it shipped right to your door.

Auto recyclers save consumers money in other ways also. Consider this; when shopping for automotive parts today consumers are usually faced with just three choices:

1. Buy new OEM parts from the dealer which are usually prohibitively expensive and have to be ordered.

2. Buy new aftermarket parts, which are copies of the original part but are generally not of the same quality.

3. Buy quality used OEM parts from an automotive recycler which are available the same day and cost up to 50% less than buying new from the dealership and save the environment and precious natural resources.

Option three obviously makes the most sense and offers the best value. And automotive recyclers in Pennsylvania do more than just help consumers stretch their hard earned dollars. They work to preserve our environment on a daily basis because every vehicle that is driven of the showroom floor will one day become a vehicle that reaches the end of its lifespan. Instead of allowing the no longer useful vehicles to take up space in landfills, rusting away and leaking contaminants into our environment, salvage yards dismantle and recycle all the useable parts left on an automobile. Providing proper handling and disposal many hazardous waste products that otherwise would find their way into our air, streams and waterways. By recycling automotive parts, salvage yards save the nature ores, resources and energy need to manufacture new parts.

Today over 95% of vehicles retired from use are processed for recycling. Automotive recyclers in Pennsylvania play a crucial role in this. Salvage yards deal only with the dismantling and recycling of all types of motor vehicles, ranging from heavy-duty commercial trucks to motorcycles and the automobile ranks at the top in ability to be recycled. This includes the recovery and resale of useable parts, metals recycling and proper handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. On average 76% of a typical vehicles contents are recoverable through recycling. No other complex mass produced unit on the market today has achieved this level of recyclability. The recycling of automobiles represents an annual conservation of 1.2 million barrels of oil and since 1997, recovery of enough steel to make 13 million new cars. Auto recyclers are the ones responsible for making those figures a reality.

Clearly salvage yards in Pennsylvania play a huge role in saving the natural resources of the state and the country. Recyclers here have not only made an impact on saving the environment by preventing toxic metals and fluids to leach into ground water, they also play a vital role in helping the citizens of Pennsylvania conserve their time and their money.

Source: Amazines.com

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