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Team GLOCK Racing to pay tribute to Law Enforcement and Military heroes at Dover International Speedway

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Team GLOCK Racing to pay tribute to Law Enforcement and Military heroes at Dover International Speedway

Glock, Inc.
Spraker Racing Enterprises
September 6, 2007

Smyrna , GA , September 6, 2007:

In conjunction with the NASCAR Busch East race on September 21st, #37 Team GLOCK Racing and female driver Michelle Theriault are hosting a “Tribute to Heroes” day with their GLOCK heroes, honorary pit crew policemen and celebrity spokesperson.

About our GLOCK Heroes:

Officer Robert Wuller of the Philadelphia, PA Police Department was named Officer of the Year in 2006 by PARADE magazine and the International Association of Chiefs of Police for risking his life to save a woman and two children from an apartment building in North Philadelphia. Wuller arrived at the apartment building and heard a woman and child screaming. Wuller kicked in the door of the apartment to find a masked man turn on him with a revolver. Another intruder was on the floor stabbing a victim bound with tape. Officer Wuller fired 10 shots with his GLOCK 17 at the two intruders who both died at the scene. The stabbing victim, woman and children were all rescued from the apartment because of Wuller’s quick thinking and action with his GLOCK 9x19 pistol.

Deputy Sheriff Jennifer Fulford of Orange County , FL along with 2 additional Deputies and a trainee responded to a 9-1-1 call from an 8 year old boy trapped in his van with his 2 sisters on May 5, 2004. Just as Jennifer was heading to the van to help the children, she heard voices from the house and then heard three or four shots fired. Mere seconds later, one of the robbers emerged behind the van and began shooting at Fulford. “I was behind the left wheel well, maybe eight feet away,” recalls Fulford. “His first few shots missed me and I hit him with my GLOCK .45. He fell back and slid down the wall in a seated position, but he kept firing.”

Fulford ducked behind the van when a second robber started firing shots at her across the hood of the van. He hit Deputy Fulford in the right knee, left ankle, thigh and buttock. Then Fulford was hit in the right shoulder. Fulford lost feeling in her arm, dropped her pistol and grabbed it with her left hand. Fulford shot the second robber twice in the head. After the shootings occurred, Fulford was rushed to the hospital and was treated for her gunshot wounds. She still has a bullet lodged in her body and is recovering from some nerve damage in her right arm. Jennifer was named the 2005 Office of the Year by PARADE magazine and the International Association of Chiefs of Police for her heroic effort that day.

Alfred L. Butler IV was a 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corp when he and his platoon were making their way through the streets of Fallujah to wash out insurgents on December 23, 2004. Butler quickly found out that several Marines were under heavy attack from insurgents in a house. He ran to their aid and started to bring out his men from the first floor when he realized that more Marines were trapped on the second floor. Butler and his platoon made their way to the second floor from the neighboring house. The insurgents continued their heavy fire on the Marines, but Butler and his team made their way through the house, up the stairs and onto the rooftop of the neighboring house. Butler and his team then jumped from roof to roof of two buildings to rescue the Marines when an opposing fighter threw a grenade towards Butler . Butler guarded the bodies of his fallen Marines instead of protecting himself. Finally, Butler threw two grenades into the room full of insurgents and cleared the room. Butler was able to transport all the men to a safe location and was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat Distinguishing Device on May 19, 2006.

Heath Grossman is a Communications Sergeant in the 1st Battalion 7th Special Forces Group with the United States Army. He was wounded in Afghanistan by an RPG that was fired into his vehicle while his ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha) was on a combat operation. Heath’s injuries include a severed femoral artery in his right leg as well as being peppered with shrapnel throughout his lower extremities. Heath has gone through multiple operations, procedures and a skin graft done by harvesting the skin from his left leg. While trying to recover the sutures and staples from Heath, doctors failed to remove all of them because they had put so many in his body. Heath has been recovering very well in physical therapy and has even hired an additional therapist to push him further.

GLOCK will also have some special guests in their pit crew for the Sunoco 150 race. In conjunction with the Dover International Speedway’s Salute to law enforcement Pit Crew Program, GLOCK is pleased to have Detective William Breault and Officer Stan Roache as additional pit crew members for the Sunoco 150. Officer Roache was named the 2005 Lancaster , PA City Police Officer of the Year and Detective Breault was honored as the 2006 Lancaster , PA City Detective of the Year. Busch East Scene will be bringing a total of 16 law enforcement pit crew officers that day and two officers will go to 8 teams.

Additionally, GLOCK, Inc. celebrity spokesperson, R. Lee Ermey will be in attendance at Dover International Speedway for the NASCAR Busch East Sunoco 150 race on Friday, NASCAR Busch Series race on Saturday and will be the Honorary Starter and will wave the green flag in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race on Sunday, September 23rd. Ermey is acclaimed for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the hit movie, Full Metal Jacket in 1987.

Gary Fletcher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GLOCK, Inc. states, “Since the inception of the GLOCK pistol in 1986, Law Enforcement agencies quickly and overwhelmingly embraced our product almost as soon as it was introduced. We would not be the leader in the firearms industry today had it not been for their validation and immediate acceptance of our product. GLOCK would not be GLOCK without the Men and Women in the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement community that serve and protect for our freedom every day.”

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