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First Impressions Of A Ford Fave

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First Impressions Of A Ford Fave

Geoff Maxted
November 9, 2013

Ford C-Max Ford C-Max
The C-Max has been with us for some time now and in its present incarnation since 2010. Plenty has been written about it - almost all of it favourable - except that now buyers can have it with the diminutive and technically impressive Ford EcoBoost 1.0L engine.

A couple of weeks ago DriveWrite missed out on a chance to drive such a version. Fortunately those splendid folk at Ford took pity and supplied the above example for a week’s trial. To be honest, it was the engine I was interested in and wondered if the car itself might not be a bit of a yawn-inducer. How wrong can you be?

It is a well known fact that the C-Max is great to drive. It is roomy, organised and easy to get comfortable in. With the drivers seat set for my six-foot frame I can sit behind myself with room to spare. The boot is vast but - and this is where Ford are this week’s recipient of the DriveWrite Black Spot - there is no spare. Not even a space-saver. Buyers will have to settle for the tyre kit. There is an emergency pack though, high-viz jacket and the like, which is a nice touch.

I took a drive out into the wilds of Wiltshire and came across some well surfaced, empty and previously un-travelled B-roads that offered up a fantastic driving experience. The C-Max with its tiny motor was well up to the task. This car handles well. For such a tall car, body roll going into corners with enthusiasm is almost unnoticeable. Mrs DriveWrite certainly didn’t notice or she would have certainly told me. Otherwise the ride is very comfortable and the steering precise.

On a dual carriageway 90mph showed its face without the car seeming to run out of puff (NB: 90mph is a reviewer’s technical term - don’t worry about it) so I suspect the C-Max would cruise easily all day in the 70/80 band.

The biggest surprise is the engine. This small turbo-charged one litre, 100PS, three cylinder power plant delivers sprightly performance and revs happily - and herein lies the issue.

This C-Max Titanium has auto start/stop (switchable). It says ‘econetic’ on the back. It has one of those irritating dash board icons that tells you in that nannying way when to change gear for optimum planet-saving economy and so on. Ford say that driven appropriately 55mpg should be achievable.

So why then build a car that is so eminently driveable? No doubt there will buyers who will drive with total petrol abstinence in mind but what about the rest of us weaker souls? I can no more drive this C-Max in an eco-minded fashion than I can fly to the moon. That’s how good it is. Full review next week.

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