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Driven To Music

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Driven To Music

Geoff Maxted
August 30, 2013

Hawkwind Seven by Seven
“Music doesn’t mean the same today as it used to…”
- Roy Harper 2011 BBC TV.

You know what it’s like. Boring motorways, traffic jams, children in the back trying to strangle each other, Mother egging them on; all the motoring distractions of modern life. Car manufacturers understand your pain and this is the reason why your average modern car has two hundred speakers and a music system to rival the Ministry of Sound. Some drivers could be raked with cannon fire by low level attack helicopters broadcasting ’The Ride of the Valkyries’ and not notice. OK, I confess. I am a music junkie. Rock music is the aphrodisiac of the keen driver and, it goes without saying, the great lover. Reactions are sharpened; sex appeal is increased exponentially. Your Renault Clio becomes a Silver Machine (Hawkwind) of love. Watch here.

The fact is that, although my musical tastes may be considered to be mostly out of date, when it comes to music to drive by, current offerings can’t hold a candle to those we have loved. It should be obvious to all that music has become just as consumable as fast food. Gulp it down and reach for the next portion. Just how many more young, attractive singer / songwriters can the world hold? How many more boy bands? These days you might occasionally get lucky when bands like the Stone Roses reform or when Jools Holland has someone decent on but mostly music has become like yesterdays burger; one burp and it’s forgotten. Brothers and Sisters, I offer you salvation from X Factor factory music with an idea of the sort of sounds to put you in good humour whatever the traffic situation. Can I get an AMEN?!

It is with a blush that I admit to once owning a car that did not have an MP3 connection. I know; I can hardly believe it myself. Instead it had a cassette tape deck even though CDs had long been established in proper motors. However, on the plus side, I did have a cassette of Machine Head (Deep Purple) so my credibility may have been down but it wasn't out. Listen here.

See what I mean? Get the CD or download (1997 remix). You’ll immediately want to go for a drive and put the hammer down. Not that I’m trying to encourage you or anything. Far be it for me to flout the rules of common sense or be in any way socially divisive. You’re a grown-up and I’m not accepting responsibility for your actions! Look, I’ve given you a start. Seek out The Who (especially their version of Summertime Blues), The Sex Pistols, Cream and other great bands of the 60s/70s. Forget soppy 70s Prog Rock, the New Romantics of the 80s and the Brit rock of the 90’s - real music that still means something, even to today’s discerning listeners, is where you need to be.

You see; your choice of music is like your choice of cars. Are you going to be an MOR driver? If your car were a person would it be Peter Andre? Of course not. It’s Lemmy. In your heart you know that if you love driving it’s great to get your pulse racing just a little bit. It’s just the same with music.

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