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URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT: UPDATE: Illinois Bill to Expand Use of Antique Vehicles Approved by Senate Transportation Committee; Moves to Full Senate

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URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT: UPDATE: Illinois Bill to Expand Use of Antique Vehicles Approved by Senate Transportation Committee; Moves to Full Senate

SEMA Action Network
May 11, 2011

Legislation (H.B. 3256) to provide for an expanded-use antique vehicle registration class that would allow antique vehicles and replicas to be driven without limitation during the warmer part of the year (April 1 through October 31) has been approved by the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill has already been passed by the full Illinois House of Representatives. Under the bill, expanded-use antiques are limited to traveling to and from car shows, exhibitions, servicing or demonstration during the colder months (November 1 through March 31). Regular antique vehicle registration would still be available for a lower fee to hobbyists who would prefer only operating their vehicle on a limited-use basis throughout the year. The bill will next be considered on the floor of the Illinois Senate by all members.

We Urge You to Contact All Members of the Illinois Senate (List Below) Immediately in Support of H.B. 3256

H.B. 3256 provides for an expanded-use antique registration plate at an annual fee of $45. The limited-use antique plate (travel to and from car shows, exhibitions, for servicing or demonstration) would remain available at a fee of $13 for a two-year registration. A standard registration plate, with no use limitations, is available for an annual $98 registration fee.

H.B. 3256 will provide Illinois citizens the opportunity to enjoy unlimited spring and summer time use of their antique vehicles.

H.B. 3256 creates additional use options for antique owners willing to pay increased fees for selected vehicles.

In Illinois, an antique vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle that is more than 25 years of age, a bonafide replica or a fire-fighting vehicle more than 20 years old which is not used as fire-fighting equipment.

DON’T DELAY! Please contact members of the Illinois Senate immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support of H.B. 3256. Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org. Thank you for your assistance.

Illinois Senate

To email all members of the Texas House of Representatives, copy and paste the email address block below:

pamela@pamelaalthoff.net; senatorbivins@grics.net; senator_bomke@yahoo.com; billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com; jclayborne@senatedem.ilga.gov; jcollins@senatedem.ilga.gov; crotty@senate.state.il.us; john@senatorcullerton.com; ShaneCultra53@yahoo.com; wdelgado@senatedem.ilga.gov; senator@kdillard.com; dan@senatorduffy.com; senatorforby@yahoo.com; senator.frerichs@gmail.com; ilsenate29@sbcglobal.net; whaine@senatedem.ilga.gov; dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov; senatorholmes42@sbcglobal.net; senatorhunter03@sbcglobal.net; info@toihutchinson.com; senatorjacobs@sbcglobal.net; johnson@senate.state.il.us; SenatorTomJohnson@gmail.com; ejones3@senatedem.ilga.gov; johnojones@sbcglobal.net; dkoehler@senatedem.ilga.gov; dan@senatorkotowski.com; lahood@senate.state.il.us; slandek@senatedem.ilga.gov; chrislauzen@lauzen.com; statesenatorlightford@comcast.net; senator@link30.org; sendavel@midwest.net; ed@edmaloney.com; ilsenate20@sbcglobal.net; samm@mccann-construction.com; mccarter51@att.net; senmeeks@sbcglobal.net; johnjmillner@aol.com; jgmulroepc@aol.com; amunoz@senatedem.ilga.gov; senatormattmurphy@gmail.com; info@noland.org; carole@pankau.org; cradogno@sbcglobal.net; raoulstaff@gmail.com; suerezin@gmail.com; righterforIllinois@hotmail.com; rsandack@downers.us; msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov; suzi@suzischmidt.com; senator@jschoenberg.org; isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.gov; hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov; senjohn@adams.net; info@senatordavesyverson.com; donneetrotter@juno.com; senatorajwilhelmi@sbcglobal.net; collinsar@ilga.gov

Senator Pamela Althoff
Phone: 217/782-8000
Email: pamela@pamelaalthoff.net

Senator Tim Bivins
Phone: 217/782-0180
Email: senatorbivins@grics.net

Senator Larry Bomke
Phone: 217/782-0228
Email: senator_bomke@yahoo.com

Senator Bill Brady
Phone: 217/782-6216
Email: billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com

Senator James Clayborne
Phone: 217/782-5399
Email: jclayborne@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Annazette Collins
Phone: 217/782-6252
Email: collinsar@ilga.gov

Senator Jacqueline Collins
Phone: 217/782-1607
Email: jcollins@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator M. Maggie Crotty
Phone: 217/782-9595
Email: crotty@senate.state.il.us

Senator John Cullerton
Phone: 217/782-2728
Email: john@senatorcullerton.com

Senator Shane Cultra
Phone: 217/782-6597
Email: ShaneCultra53@yahoo.com

Senator William Delgado
Phone: 217/782-5652
Email: wdelgado@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Kirk Dillard
Phone: 217/782-8148
Email: senator@kdillard.com

Senator Dan Duffy
Phone: 217/782-8010
Email: dan@senatorduffy.com

Senator Gary Forby
Phone: 217/782-5509
Email: senatorforby@yahoo.com

Senator Michael Frerichs
Phone: 217/782-2507
Email: senator.frerichs@gmail.com

Senator Susan Garrett
Phone: 217/782-3650
Email: ilsenate29@sbcglobal.net

Senator William R. Haine
Phone: 217/782-5247
Email: whaine@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Don Harmon
Phone: 217/782-8176
Email: dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Linda Holmes
Phone: 217/782-0422
Email: senatorholmes42@sbcglobal.net

Senator Mattie Hunter
Phone: 217/782-5966
Email: senatorhunter03@sbcglobal.net

Senator Toi Hutchinson
Phone: 217/782-7419
Email: info@toihutchinson.com

Senator Mike Jacobs
Phone: 217/782-5957
Email: senatorjacobs@sbcglobal.net

Senator Christine Johnson
Phone: 217/782-1977
Email: johnson@senate.state.il.us

Senator Thomas Johnson
Phone: 217/782-8022
Email: SenatorTomJohnson@gmail.com

Senator Emil Jones
Phone: 217/782-9573
Email: ejones3@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator John Jones
Phone: 217/782-0471
Email: johnojones@sbcglobal.net

Senator David Koehler
Phone: 217/782-8250
Email: dkoehler@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Dan Kotowski
Phone: 217/782-3875
Email: dan@senatorkotowski.com

Senator Darin LaHood
Phone: 217/782-1942
Email: lahood@senate.state.il.us

Senator Steven Landek
Phone: 217/782-0054
Email: slandek@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Chris Lauzen
Phone: 217/782-0052
Email: chrislauzen@lauzen.com

Senator Kimberly Lightford
Phone: 217/782-8505
Email: statesenatorlightford@comcast.net

Senator Terry Link
Phone: 217/782-8181
Email: senator@link30.org

Senator David Luechtefeld
Phone: 217/782-8137
Email: sendavel@midwest.net

Senator Edward Maloney
Phone: 217/782-5145
Email: ed@edmaloney.com

Senator Iris Martinez
Phone: 217/782-8191
Email: ilsenate20@sbcglobal.net

Senator Sam McCann
Phone: 217/782-8206
Email: samm@mccann-construction.com

Senator Kyle McCarter
Phone: 217/782-5755
Email: mccarter51@att.net

Senator James Meeks
Phone: 217/782-8066
Email: senmeeks@sbcglobal.net

Senator John Millner
Phone: 630/762-6255
Email: johnjmillner@aol.com

Senator John Mulroe
Phone: 217/782-1035
Email: jgmulroepc@aol.com

Senator Antonio Muñoz
Phone: 217/782-9415
Email: amunoz@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Matt Murphy
Phone: 217/782-4471
Email: senatormattmurphy@gmail.com

Senator Michael Noland
Phone: 217/782-7746
Email: info@noland.org

Senator Carole Pankau
Phone: 217/782-9463
Email: carole@pankau.org

Senator Christine Radogno
Phone: 217/782-9407
Email: cradogno@sbcglobal.net

Senator Kwame Raoul
Phone: 217/782-5338
Email: raoulstaff@gmail.com

Senator Sue Rezin
Phone: 217/782-3840
Email: senatorrezin@gmail.com

Senator Dale Righter
Phone: 217/782-6674
Email: righterforIllinois@hotmail.com

Senator Ronald Sandack
Phone: 217/782-8107
Email: rsandack@downers.us

Senator Martin Sandoval
Phone: 217/782-5304
Email: msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Suzi Schmidt
Phone: 217/782-7353
Email: suzi@suzischmidt.com

Senator Jeffrey Schoenberg
Phone: 217/782-2119
Email: senator@jschoenberg.org

Senator Ira I. Silverstein
Phone: 217/782-5500
Email: isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator Heather Steans
Phone: 217/782-8492
Email: hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov

Senator John Sullivan
Phone: 217/782-2479
Email: senjohn@adams.net

Senator Dave Syverson
Phone: 217/782-5413
Email: info@senatordavesyverson.com

Senator Donne Trotter
Phone: 217/782-3201
Email: donneetrotter@juno.com

Senator A. J. Wilhelmi
Phone: 217/782-8800
Email: senatorajwilhelmi@sbcglobal.net

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