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What’s Happening in Your State?

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What’s Happening in Your State?

SEMA Action Network
March 23, 2012

SAN Tracks Hundreds of Legislative Initiatives Affecting the Motor Vehicle Hobby

So far this year, thousands of new legislative initiatives have been introduced across the U.S. and Canada, hundreds of which are being closely tracked and analyzed by the SEMA Action Network (SAN). We’ve already had several successes, most prominently in Maryland (historic vehicles), Virginia (backyard restoration), Utah (vintage trailers), Washington State (restoration and customizing) and Nebraska (special interest vehicles) with many more to come. Because of you, the SAN remains the premier hobbyist network of its kind.

Now that we are three months into the new legislative season, we have compiled an updated list of new bills that may be of interest to vehicle enthusiasts. The most pressing of these bills will continue to be the subject of Action Alerts that are e-mailed to SAN members and highlighted in our monthly publication, Driving Force. The compilation is available on the SAN website, www.semasan.com. Along the top menu bar of the website you will find ‘LEGISLATION’. Select ‘State’ and then choose the state of interest to view a list of pending legislation.

Some of the bills listed on the site will not advance past introduction; others will go on to become the laws of tomorrow. As bills progress through the legislature, the SAN aims to inform our contacts and continue to encourage their participation in the legislative process through e-mails and phone calls to state representatives. Such correspondence has a proven and direct impact on the decisions of legislators.

We encourage you to visit www.semasan.com. The information on this site will provide you with the tools you need to help affect real change, protect the industry and hobby from detrimental state laws, and proactively support favorable ones. If you are not yet a member of the SEMA Action Network, we encourage you to join and remain active with our efforts. Joining the SAN is a simple process. Most importantly, it’s FREE and carries no obligations.

Please contact Greg Dooley at gregd@sema.org if you have any questions. He would be happy to provide you with any bill’s full text, current status and committee information.

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