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LYNCH GM SUPERSTORE Continues Relationship with MASCS

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LYNCH GM SUPERSTORE Continues Relationship with MASCS

Matt Panure
Mid American Stock Car Series
May 7, 2012

MID-AMERICAN STOCK CAR SERIES is proud to announce its continued partnership with LYNCH GM SUPERSTORE in Burlington, WI. John Fischer, sales manager at Lynch, has always been an advocate for auto racing. He has arranged this partnership with Lynch GM Superstore for many years. The racing relationship started at Lake Geneva Raceway, which hosted MASCS races since its inception in 1993 to 2006. When Lake Geneva Raceway closed at the end of the 2006 season, MASCS became a benefactor of LYNCH GM SUPERSTORE’s support. The relationship has been ongoing through the assistance of Fischer, who also piloted a MID-AMERICAN racecar at different times over the years. For your vehicle needs contact John at LYNCH GM SUPERSTORE, (800) 635-2550.

LYNCH and MASCS would like to invite you to their 19th annual Motorsport & Custom Car Show Saturday, May 12th. The show will be held at the Burlington location. For more information on LYNCH stores go to www.shoplynch.com. To enjoy a great car time click on the Burlington location, scroll to the Motorsport & Custom Car Show for more details. Be sure to look up John Fischer and say hello on behalf of MID-AMERICAN.

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