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Lichtfeld Gives ARP NGB First Checkered Flag

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Mike Lichtfeld

Lichtfeld Gives ARP NGB First Checkered Flag

Matt Panure
Mid American Stock Car Series
May 5, 2009

Wisconsin Dells, Wis. (May 5, 2009) – Aluminum Racing Products’ “Next Generation Body” is on the board early in 2009. The new body style for the Mid-American Stock Car Series’ 17th season took its first snapshots in victory lane this past Saturday in an unsanctioned event at Dells Raceway Park courtesy of Portage, WI’s Mike Lichtfeld.

The debut of ARP’s NGB at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway last October left a strong impression on many who took in the sight. Lichtfeld was one of those enamored with the sleek new design.

“We immediately fell in love with the car and thought it was pretty neat looking,” he claimed.

Lichtfeld is a former pure stock champion at DRP who is in his second year of competition with the super stock division at the venue. The class allows Mid-American competitors to join in the fun on Saturday nights with only a few rules modifications to be made.

While there were no immediate plans to purchase a Mid-American car when Lichtfeld was awestruck by the NGB at Oktoberfest, he decided he had to have an NGB on whatever race car was in his shop this spring. Not surprisingly, a Mid-American style car is currently being towed behind Lichtfeld’s vehicle to DRP every Saturday.

With a full plate this offseason trying to prepare a new style of car, the purchase of the NGB proved to be a wise choice. The ease of ARP’s mounting process prevented any additional headaches for Lichtfeld and his team while getting ready for the season.

“Everything fit where it was supposed to be," said Lichtfeld of ARP’s flange fit design. “There was no guess work where things had to go.”

Along with an easy mounting process, ARP’s NGB also allows a choice from a wide variety of decal packages which are much different than the typical stock car body. The packages include the Pontiac G8, Lincoln MKS, Ford Fusion, Cadillac CTS and Chevy Malibu.

The Cadillac CTS was an easy selection for Lichtfeld. “My grandfather comes to the track to watch quite a bit. He drives a Cadillac and loves them, so we thought he would get a kick out of it,” claimed Lichtfeld.

Apparently Lichtfeld’s grandfather was not the only one who was impressed to see a Cadillac CTS taking competitive laps at a Wisconsin short track.

“It’s something different. No one has really seen a Cadillac race car before,” said Lichtfeld. “We had a lot of people come up and make some nice comments about the car after the race.”

As Lichtfeld has been the first to put an NGB into victory lane, he would also like to be the first to do so in MASCS competition. Lichtfeld originally planned on running only seven or eight Mid-American events in 2009, beginning with Dells Duel Part 1 at DRP on May 30th.

However, a wet start to this season has shape-shifted the plans for Lichtfeld’s 2009 season. Due to two rainouts, Mid-American has yet to take a competitive lap this season.

Lichtfeld plans on attending the next two Mid-American events. After the first two stops for Mid-American, Lichtfeld will have a better idea of how the remainder of his 2009 season will play out.

“If those two go well, we’ll go to Norway. If everything goes well [at Norway] we may pick up the series on a full time basis,” concluded Lichtfeld.

A plethora of sponsors will grace Lichtfeld’s CTS for the remainder of the 2009 season. Country Plumber of Portage, Culvers of Mauston (WI), The Sand Bar, Dennis 'Simy' Simonson, Richards Outlaw Chassis, LemonStop.Com, Cutting Edge Construction, Farmers Mutual Insurance; Chris Tessmann Agency, Joes Auto and Truck, Matt Raimer Construction, Grandpa Ard, Wegner Automotive, Gawronski Signs, Syn Max Synthetic Oil, and DJ on the Go of Wisconsin Rapids currently help keep Lichtfeld’s race team funded. He also cites a special thanks to his dad and mom, Steve, Jim Syvrud and Kenny and Larry Richards.

Lichtfeld will get the opportunity to give ARP another win…and its first in Mid-American Stock Car Series action at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover, WI on Friday, May 22. After the stop at GSS, Mid-American will head to Lichtfeld’s home track, Dells Raceway Park on Saturday, May 30th for the Dells Duel Part 1.

For more information about the Mid-American Stock Car Series including results, current standings, the remaining 2009 schedule, and driver info, visit www.midamericanracing.com.

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