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Mid-American Drivers Participate in Drive the Mile

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Drive the Mile

Mid-American Drivers Participate in Drive the Mile

Matt Panure
Mid American Stock Car Series
May 5, 2008

(West Allis, WI) May 5, 2008 – A welcome change awaited Mid-American Stock Car Series drivers this past Sunday afternoon at the Milwaukee Mile; sunshine. Fourteen Mid-American competitors took advantage of a beautiful day to help a good cause as they participated in the Hunger Task Force “Drive the Mile” at the Milwaukee Mile. “Last year was so much fun,” said 2007 Mid-American Rookie of the Year Kyle Shear. “It's a good time just to get out on the track and drive around with your fellow competitors.”

Rockford winner Lyle Nowak was also on hand after an appearance at the Sprecher Brewing Company on Saturday. “We were looking forward to coming here today for the first time with the (Hunger Task Force) food drive,” said Nowak who finished second at the Mile last August. Nowak and Sprecher started the food drive early and made a hefty donation to the Hunger Task Force on Sunday. He was rewarded with a visit from former Green Bay Packer and Milwaukee Mile shareholder Gilbert Brown. “The Milwaukee Mile and Green Bay Packers, Lyle was in heaven,” said Nowak’s wife Marcy.

Mid-American drivers were not the only ones who took to the legendary oval. Many took laps in their street cars and a plethora of other types of racecars. Some drivers even gave up their machines to let crew members and Mid-American officials take a cruise. “I was scared. I was afraid I was going to spin out or something,” said Mid-American co-owner Julie Strasburg. Strasburg, who borrowed Nowak’s Monte Carlo felt the pressure from the Toyota Tundra pace vehicles all the way around the Mile. After some disappointing pace lap times, she adapted a strategy for the 2009 event. “Looking back I could have used the track differently and went faster. But I got to drive the mile in a racecar and not many people can say that,” she exclaimed.

The real highlight of the afternoon for Mid-American drivers and officials was the opportunity to help the Hunger Task Force. Strasburg recognized the importance of getting involvement from the drivers. “It shows the spirit of what Mid-American is about. We want to do good for others,” she said. “The more people we can get involved, the more that we can help. If we get the Series involved we can bring more help to the table.” Nowak also enjoyed the opportunity to help out. “With the work that Doug and Julie (Strasburg) do on a local level, it gives a more local approach to being caring citizens,” he said.

A trip back to the Milwaukee Mile for an open practice day is on the schedule for Mid-American on Sunday, July 13th. The practice will be open to late models as well. The session will be a fantastic opportunity for drivers to prepare for Governor’s Cup Weekend at the Milwaukee Mile, August 22nd through 24th. Mid-American will have a practice day on the 22nd and will have its complete race day on Saturday the 23rd. More information on the July 13th practice day and Governor’s Cup Weekend are forthcoming. For more information about the Mid-American Series including results, current 2008 standings, the remaining 2008 schedule and driver info please visit www.midamericanracing.com.

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