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Matt Panure
Mid American Stock Car Series
April 9, 2008

(Fort Atkinson, WI) April 9 -- The Mid-American Stock Car Series is proud to announce that along with its partnership with Scott Lofquist and Speed X Design , that it has also partnered with internet database site Motorstats.com

Motorstats.com allows a framework for race tracks and sanctioning bodies to enter their data and receive instantaneous results. “When we met with Chris Graner (from Motorstats) in Florida this February, I could tell he was someone who was passionate about the sport. I feel that he will be an exceptional partner as Mid-American looks to expand our reach on the world wide web,” said series co-owner Doug Strasburg.

“Using the Motorstats.com Web Tools, it's free and easy to get race results, point standings, pictures, video and other racing information to the racing fans,” said Graner.

Graner also looks to help organizations expand their ability to advertise. “Fans can continue their racing experiences beyond the track gate to the internet using Motorstats.com. We help turn those fan eyeballs into additional sponsorship opportunities,” he added.

Another unique aspect of Motorstats is the ability for a driver to have his or her “own” website. Drivers can sign up, fill out their information and sell their own ad space on Motorstats.com. They can also keep track of all of their finishes and the amount of points they received at each event.

The Mid-American website will remain unchanged. All news, photos and general information will stay at the domain name www.midamericanracing.com. All results and point standing will be directly linked to Mid-American’s current website.

"It is very important that Mid-American's website is on the cutting edge of the web technology. We don't want to be just another face in the crowd. We feel that along with the incredible work Scott has already done and will continue to do with our website, the tools provided by Motorstats.com will help us stay at the front of the pack," said Strasburg.

For more information about the Mid-American Series including the final 2007 standings, the 2008 schedule and driver info visit www.midamericanracing.com. For more information on the Mid-American Stock Car Series’ Motorstats page please click the following link.

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