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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Aluminum Racing Products


Matt Panure
Mid American Stock Car Series
January 25, 2008

(Fort Atkinson, WI) January 25 -- The Mid-American Stock Car Series announced a partnership with Aluminum Racing Products beginning in the 2009 Season. Through the agreement ARP will be the "New Generation" body manufacturer for Mid-American. All body styles which are currently Mid-American legal will continue to be legal.

Aluminum Racing Products is based in Greenbrier, TN and has been manufacturing bodies specifically for use in short track racing since 1982. ARP’s involvement in racing spans the country with drivers competing in such series as the ASA Midwest Tour, ASA Late Model Series, American-Canadian Tour, Pro-All Star Series (PASS), and the CRA Super Series. They currently produce ABC-approved bodies for use in each of these late model series.

“The Mid-American Stock Car Series is a great and growing class with a stable rules package and very competitive racing. They require a look that reflects the bodies currently available on the showroom floors,” said Sales/Customer Service Representative Dave Kamholtz of ARP. Kamholtz became familiar with the Series by announcing at the Lake Geneva Raceway, a long time venue of the Mid-American Stock Car Series. “ We are very excited to be part of the next generation of the Mid-American Stock Car Series, its drivers and teams and their current marketing partners. We look forward to working with everyone for years to come.”

While the announcement has been made that ARP will be on board with Mid-American in ‘09, they have yet to decide which body styles will be used. Series officials and ARP representatives have several ideas in mind regarding body styles but are open to suggestions from the teams.

There will be some other changes to the bodies when they roll off the production line from ARP. Many drivers dreaded repairs to the fiberglass noses and tailpieces. ARP decided to make changes by using plastic fenders. “The plastic fender will be a huge leap forward for these cars. This is at times a contact sport and we need to be sure that these bodies have a degree of survivability built into their design,” said Kamholtz.

Along with the introduction of plastic fenders, ARP has decided to make installation easier for teams with several flange-fit parts. “The body that will be produced will be very similar to the bodies we currently use for on straight-rail style late models. It will compose of a two piece plastic nose, plastic fenders, aluminum doors, deck lid, and rockers, and fiberglass hood, roof, quarter panels and deck filler,” added Kamholtz.

Anyone who would like to offer their input into the design process can feel free to contact Dave Kamholtz at 262.279.6227 or e-mail dakamholtz@yahoo.com. For more information on the Mid-American Stock Car Series please visit www.midamericanracing.com

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