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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Lyle Nowak


Natasha Steenbergen
Mid American Stock Car Series
April 29, 2007

PLOVER, WI (April 29, 2007) –.Lyle Nowak from Wausau pleased his large cheering section at the Golden Sands Speedway Sunday winning the Coca Cola Spring Fling for the Mid-American Stock Car Series.

Nowak started on the inside of the second row and ran up front as laps progressed, waiting for the right opportunity. The event only saw two caution periods, and on the final restart glaring into the six o’clock sun, Nowak dove low under Kevin Damrow to take the lead, with Bill Prietzel right behind him. Prietzel made a last lap charge but ran too high to complete the pass and settled for second.

Fast-time qualifier James Swan who was defending event champion as well as 2006 Series champion started the race in tenth with a partial-field inversion and advanced steadily through the feature race making it up to fifth before the laps ran out.

10-lap heat races were won by first time winners, Elliot Marquardt, Merrill, WI; Travis Rodewald, Manitowoc, WI; Jeremy Tess, East Troy, WI. Jeremy also won the 15-lap last chance race to advance to the feature event. The other three transfers were, Tim Warner, Malone, WI; Crystal Koenig, Denmark, WI; Elliot Marquardt.

The next event on the Mid-Am schedule is Drive The Mile hosted at The Milwaukee Mile. The event is a media and autograph opportunity and while the cars will be able to get laps on the legendary track, there is no race. The general public is also encouraged to attend the event Sunday May 6. Anyone can bring his/her street legal car and drive three laps on The Mile for only $15 plus 2 nonperishable food items. Several Mid-Am drivers have signed up to participate. For more information on Drive The Mile, call Natasha Steenbergen directly at The Milwaukee Mile at (414) 453-5761 Ext. 2231 or e-mail her at natashas@milwaukeemile.com.

The next points race is Saturday May 26 at the Grundy County Speedway in Morris, Illinois.

Coca Cola Spring Fling Results
Fast time qualifier: James Swan, Lake Geneva 13.143 seconds

40-lap Feature: 1. Lyle Nowak, Wausau, WI; 2. Bill Prietzel, Richfield, WI; 3. Kevin Damrow, Manitowoc, WI; 4. Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek, WI; 5. James Swan, Lake Geneva, WI; 6. Daryl Gerke, Whitelaw, WI; 7. Andrew Kulka, Deerfield, WI; 8. Jeremy Spoonmore, Somonauk, IL; 9. Jake Finney, Sycamore, IL; 10. Kyle Shear, Roscoe, IL; 11. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 12. Dave Obermeyer, West Bend, WI; 13. Elliot Marquardt, Merrill, WI; 14. Tim Warner, Malone, WI; 15. Don Wood, Denmark, WI; 16.Jeremy Tess, East Troy, WI; 17. Maxwell Schultz, Reedsville, WI; 18. Crystal Koenig, Denmark, WI; 19. Danny Powell, Polo, IL; 20. Greg Marks, Maribel, WI

15-lap Last Chance: 1. Tess; 2. Warner; 3. Koenig; 4. Marquardt; 5. Ross Zumbach, Racine, MN; 6. Troy Shear Jr., Roscoe, IL; 7. Becca Kasten, Mequon, WI; 8. Tony Habeck, Black Creek, WI; 9. Hank Tews, Batavia, IL; 10. Travis Rodewald, Manitowoc, WI; 11. Louie Goss, Green Bay, WI.

Heat 1: 1. Marquardt; 2. Koenig; 3. Warner; 4. Wood; 5. Habeck; 6. Tews; 7. Goss; 8. T. Shear; 9. Zumbach.
Heat 2: 1. Rodewald; 2. Null; 3. Damrow; 4. Marks; 5. Spoonmore; 6. Gutknecht; 7. Kasten; 8. Prietzel; 9. Nowak.
Heat 3: 1. Tess; 2. Obermeyer; 3. Powell; 4. Kulka; 5. Gerke; 6. K. Shear; 7. Swan; 8. Finney; 9. Schultz.

To learn more about the Mid-American Stock Car Series, log on to www.midamericanracing.com or call the series office at (920) 723-9831.

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