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Calling All Race Fans Put Your Favorite Driver On The Hood With 6 FOR 1

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Calling All Race Fans Put Your Favorite Driver On The Hood With 6 FOR 1

Chris Knight
6 FOR 1
August 20, 2010

“North Carolina Company Revs Up Fans With NEW Autograph Hood Tee-Shirt”

CORNELIUS, North Carolina (August 20, 2010) - - Brent Ledford, founder and designer of the Motorsports inspired clothing label 6 FOR 1 has officially released the much anticipated 6 FOR 1 "Autograph Hood" tee-shirt now available exclusively online at 6FOR1.com.

What has been projected to be a major breath-of-fresh-air in the Motorsports merchandise industry, the 6 FOR 1 "Autograph Hood" features an area for your favorite driver to sign his or her autograph.

"6 FOR 1 has done a lot of fan based research and wearing your favorite drivers autograph on a 6 FOR 1 tee-shirt is major bragging rights,” explained Ledford.

"I know people have been signing t-shirts for decades, but the 6 FOR 1 "Autograph Hood" allows the actual signage to become part of the design. It also provides for a clearer, more defined autograph and once the hood has been sealed by 6 FOR 1 using our secret process, the autograph will have a longer life span than those that are typically signed on fabric alone,” Ledford added.

To commemorate the launch of the 6 FOR 1 Autograph Hood tee-shirt; 6 FOR 1 has released a limited edition tee-shirt known as the 2010 Limited Edition "The Fan" Stock Car (rookie) tee which features the "Autograph Hood" on the front of the shirt, and the traditional “rookie” stripe on the back.

Only 641 Limited Edition (rookie) tees will be produced and sold on a first-come, first serve basis. Once 641 of the “rookie” tee-shirts are sold, 6 FOR 1 will remove the rookie stripe from the rear bumper and 6 FOR 1 will be initiated and officially released to the millions of stock car racing fans worldwide. Each shirt is individually numbered and is accompanied with an official 6 FOR 1 certificate of authenticity.

Additional 6 FOR 1 designs are also available online at 6FOR1.com.

“This concept has been a dream of mine for a very long time and it’s finally a reality,” sounded Ledford, a long-time North Carolina designer. “We’re listening to what the fans are saying and putting their requests into action. This is the first of many fan-influenced designs in the works. The fans are who truly make up the spectacle of the sport we all love, and we (6 FOR 1) listen to them. We’ll take the feedback; produce the product and provide it to the fans online, at team race shops and at the race tracks.”

6 FOR 1 is also expanding its awareness through the social networking databases with pages available on Facebook (6FOR1) and Twitter (@6FOR1). Join today to take advantage of the full 6 FOR 1 experience. Fans will receive special offers through our online media outlets so please log-on today.

For more information on 6 FOR 1, please visit 6FOR1.com.

About 6 FOR 1:

Founded in 2005, 6 FOR 1 represents six days of hard work for one day of the most glorious spectacle in Motorsports, racing. During the past five years, the company has introduced a line of apparel that has succeeded the standards of traditional racing fan clothing. The expertise of Brent’s attention to a comfortable yet attracting line of clothing has helped 6 FOR 1 mold success in the American Le Mans Series, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, most recently with Robby Gordon Motorsports (RGM) and other racing sanctioning bodies.

6 FOR 1’s mission is simple. To highlight the lifestyle of a Motorsports racing fan through sleek and innovative clothing design. At 6 FOR 1 we break the mold of traditional Motorsports apparel by directly involving our fans in product development and design. 6 FOR 1 continually searches for the next great idea while producing some of the highest quality products on the market today. Most importantly, at 6 FOR 1 we are fans that live by our motto day-in and day-out; “Live Six To Race One”.


For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Brent Ledford, 6 FOR 1

Chris Knight, 6 FOR 1 Public Communications Liaison

“6 FOR 1: Live Six To Race One”

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